Bethenny Frankel Receives Backlash From ‘Racist’ Twitter Rant Regarding Kmart Employees

Bethenny Frankel is no stranger to making headlines. She has been known as one of the more crass reality stars for quite some time, and she makes no apologies for how she comes off. Since Frankel returned to The Real Housewives of New York City last season, she has been seen more and more in the news. The last few years of her life have been tumultuous at best. With a divorce pending and custody of their daughter still not settled, Frankel has been focusing a lot on her business. While most of the time Bethenny Frankel’s comments are not taken too seriously, this time she may not be able to live it down.

During a shopping trip to Kmart, Bethenny Frankel became agitated. Instead of voicing her concerns among friends or in an intimate setting, Frankel took to Twitter to rant. According to Us Weekly, Bethenny Frankel is receiving backlash over her tweet. In fact, several people have called her racist and condemned what she has said. Apparently, Frankel was shopping for snow boots for her daughter in preparation for the snow storm hitting the east coast. It seems she not only offended people with her comment about the employees who “speak no English,” she also offended people with her butchering of the word shoes in Spanish.

The fact that Bethenny Frankel was shopping at Kmart has some fans stunned. She has put on a huge show about how much money she has made from her brand, but yet she is shopping for snow boots at Kmart? It almost makes no sense. Another fan pointed out that Frankel inked a deal with Wal-Mart to have them carrying her products. Kmart is a direct competitor for Wal-Mart, so publicly announcing you are shopping the competition doesn’t look good either. Frankel is not making any apologies for her feelings, and she is continuing to stand by what she initially said.

On top of the Kmart drama, Bethenny Frankel is also catching a lot of criticism for how she handled her appearance on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. While she may have had good intentions, Frankel offended the newest housewife, Erika Girardi. The girls were visiting Frankel in the Hamptons and the topic of what Girardi does for a living was brought up. There was some critiquing, and it didn’t go over well. According to Radar Online, Erika Girardi thinks Bethenny Frankel is a b***h. She was less than impressed with how she came across and even when she half-apologized, Girardi wasn’t satisfied.

Since the Twitter backlash yesterday, Bethenny Frankel has been defending what she said. She is insisting what she wrote was not racist. There were only a few employees working and the customer service was not up to par. Kmart has not addressed the reality star’s complaints. The chain store isn’t doing well and several stores have gone under in the last five years. Having negative publicity like this won’t be good for the ones who still frequently shop there. Frankel likely won’t be returning, though at this point that may not be a loss for Kmart.

Some fans are speculating whether or not Bethenny Frankel did this on purpose. A new season of The Real Housewives of New York City is supposed to air this year, and a little publicity might not be such a bad thing. Frankel hasn’t been one to care about her crass words and the effect they have on others. She very much lives her life for herself, and is often oblivious to those around her. While she likely offended a bunch of fans and followers on Twitter, Bethenny Frankel is standing behind every word she wrote and not apologizing for any of it.

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