Kendrick Lamar Receives Key To City Of Compton, President Obama Weighs In

Kendrick Lamar loves Compton, so much so that he wrote the city a love song, or a love video. Lamar’s “King Kunta” video features Kendrick Lamar and his friends dancing through the streets of Compton, the town in which Lamar was born and raised.

Now, Lamar is being honored by the town he has honored.

The Los Angeles Times reports that Kendrick Lamar is about to receive the key to the city of Compton in a ceremony scheduled for February 13. The mayor of Compton, Aja Brown, announced the honor on Twitter, and Kendrick Lamar replied with gratitude.

“@kendricklamar you inspire millions + rep #Compton w/ honor! Excited to give you the #keytothecity Feb13th! #VisionForCompton #ComptonUp”

“I appreciate that. HUBLUV.”

In a statement, Mayor Brown said that Kendrick Lamar has represented Compton with pride.

“He represents Compton with great pride and I am honored to present him with the Key to the City, which symbolizes our deep appreciation for his philanthropic work and commitment to our community. Mr. Lamar’s achievements further Compton’s legacy of ingenuity and excellence.”

It appears other members of Compton’s municipal government agree. Compton Council member Janna Zurita spoke of how Kendrick Lamar has been an ambassador for the city.

“Kendrick Lamar is one of Compton’s greatest ambassadors. We in Compton are proud of him because he is a symbol of what our city really is – a place where dreams can come true.”

Of course, Kendrick Lamar has become one of the most popular rappers of today, but there are others vying for the top spot, including Drake. Entertainment Tonight reports that President Obama might just have settled which rapper deserves to come out on top. Obama was interviewed by Swoozie last Friday, and when asked which he would choose, Drake or Kendrick Lamar, the President chose Lamar.

“I think Drake is an outstanding entertainer, but Kendrick – his lyrics, his last album was outstanding. Best album, I think, of last year.”

Kendrick Lamar also has another fan. XXL Magazine reports that hip-hopper Terry Crews, who appears in Lamar’s “These Walls” video, is a huge, huge fan of Lamar’s.

“I am the biggest Kendrick Lamar fan, probably, in the world. I listened to him back when he had Section.80. Everything I heard from him I said, ‘This kid is different.’ And he’s artistic. So I get a direct message [on Twitter] like, ‘Hey man, hit me up.’ Then he calls my manager. My manager tells me, ‘I don’t know if we can fit this into your schedule.’ I said, ‘Bruh, this is Kendrick Lamar. Whatever he says, let’s do.’ And literally a couple days after that phone call, I talked to [Kendrick] on the phone and said, ‘I love the concept, let’s make it happen.'”

Kendrick Lamar has also been teaming up with Kanye West to make some new and awesome music. The Verge reports that West just announced on Twitter his new collaboration with Kendrick Lamar, called “No More Parties In L.A.”

Kim Kardashian also announced the song on Twitter.

Kardashian tweeted an apology on Sunday when West’s new song didn’t drop on Friday and she announced that the song with Kendrick Lamar would be coming out.

This new work with Kendrick Lamar is a throwback to some of West’s earlier, and arguably best, work, such as Graduation and College Dropout. Check out the single.

Clearly, Kendrick Lamar has fans all over the place, from Compton to the White House and far beyond. Keep those sounds coming, Kendrick Lamar. Fans adore you and can’t wait for more!

[Photo by Bennett Raglin/Getty Images]

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