Cleveland Cavaliers Fire David Blatt, Promote Tyronn Lue, Appease LeBron James

Cleveland Cavaliers head coach David Blatt is no longer with the team, as the franchise has finally decided to fire him and promote Tyronn Lue as his replacement, according to ESPN.

Most teams in the NBA would love to have a 30-11 record at this point in time, especially franchises like the Philadelphia 76ers, who are unlikely to even win 30 games all season long.

The Cleveland Cavaliers, however, decided to fire David Blatt as their head coach because they do not feel that he is the right man to take the team back to the NBA Championship.

David Blatt being fired doesn’t surprise a lot of people, as many in the NBA expected that to eventually happen as soon as LeBron James announced that he was returning to Cleveland.

The Cleveland Cavaliers hired David Blatt before LeBron James made the announcement that he was leaving the Miami Heat, so James did not have a say in who would coach the team.

LeBron James has repeatedly treated David Blatt with disdain, sometimes ignoring the now-former Cleveland Cavaliers head coach on the sidelines by walking away from the team bench.

David Blatt, an international basketball coaching sensation, did himself no favors when he appeared to be heavily outmatched against the Golden State Warriors during the NBA Finals.

LeBron James
LeBron James [Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images]
It also does not help David Blatt that LeBron James and his agent, Rich Paul, have been campaigning for Cleveland Cavaliers associate head coach Tyronn Lue to receive a promotion.

In a move that doesn’t surprise a single soul, Tyronn Lue has been promoted and is now the head coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers. It was a move that was going to happen eventually.

One of the biggest reasons why LeBron James was pushing for Tyronn Lue to be promoted was the fact that he wanted to see what it would be like to be coached by a former player.

Tyronn Lue played for several teams, including the Los Angeles Lakers, where he was a rotational guard off the bench. Lue was once a teammate of Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal.

Now that LeBron James has the head coach that he has long yearned for, the high pressure to win an NBA Championship has been raised for the entire Cleveland Cavaliers franchise.

Since David Blatt was blamed by many for not winning an NBA Championship last season, LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers no longer have an excuse to fall back on this year.

David Maxwell
Tyronn Lue and David Blatt [Photo by David Maxwell/Getty Images]
The Cleveland Cavaliers roster now needs to come together, as it became quite obvious to observers that they had given up on David Blatt, regardless of what their record currently is.

A huge loss to the Golden State Warriors on national television this past Monday was considered quite the black eye for the entire Cleveland Cavaliers organization. They needed a win.

Now that Tyronn Lue is the head coach, the Cleveland Cavaliers need to figure out a better way to use Kyrie Irving, LeBron James and Kevin Love as a superstar trio and offensive threat.

Kevin Love often times falls in love with the three point line, so Tyronn Lue needs to figure out how to get his six-foot, 10-inch, 250-pound forward down in the paint for some low post offense.

LeBron James is easily one of the most versatile players to ever play in the NBA, so Tyronn Lue needs to figure out how to exploit his skills in order to make his teammates much better.

Tyronn Lue gets a chance to become one of those rare NBA head coaches that win a title after being promoted during the season.

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