‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Jason’s Memory Flash Sets The Stage For Renewed Romance, Lulu Comes Clean With Laura

Friday brings a big episode for fans of General Hospital. Spoilers indicate that Jason experiences a significant memory flash that could lead to significant changes in his life, while Lulu has a heartfelt talk with her mother. There are tidbits related to Sonny, Hayden and Carly on the way as well and viewers will not want to miss this January 22 episode.

General Hospital spoiler previews have been teasing a huge moment for Jason and Sam all week. Viewers have watched them grow closer over the past few weeks, and they have been together quite a bit as Sam first dug into Jason’s fight with Nikolas and then investigated the incidents happening at Elizabeth’s house.

The network teases that as a result of what happens in Friday’s show, “A once in a lifetime love… gets a second chance.” Jason has had a number of memory flashes before, but this one is seemingly the most real and significant one yet and it would appear that it paves the way for a renewed romance for JaSam.

While fans of Jason and Elizabeth as a couple are still rooting for a repaired relationship, Jason and Sam fans are dying to see the sparks fly between these two again. There had been a lot of buzz that Jason would reunite with Liz, though now it is looking like Sam is the one who will recapture Jason’s heart.


However, viewers definitely should not count out Liz, or Jake, as the battle for Jason’s love continues. While Sam said flat-out that she thought Elizabeth was behind the incidents at the house, General Hospital spoilers tease Liz will plead with Jason to believe she wasn’t involved. Viewers seem fairly certain at this point that Jake is the one doing these things, and that Liz probably has no idea. Can Elizabeth convince Jason she is being truthful?

Also ahead on Friday’s show, Lulu will connect with Laura. Lulu has made something of a mess of her life since her problems with Dante and her marriage began, and General Hospital spoilers indicate that she will fill her mom in on all that has happened. As it sounds, Laura will be shocked to hear what Lulu did and she has some words of wisdom for her misguided daughter.

There is more coming up with Hayden in Friday’s episode, as well. She has been falling for Nikolas, and he is falling for her, but they are both keeping major secrets from one another. General Hospital spoilers share that Hayden will be struggling with a lot of guilt in this episode over what she is hiding from Nik.

As She Knows Soaps shares, Hayden is torn between what she feels and the agenda she has, as well as what she knows about her shooting. Right now, it is unclear which will win out. According to Celeb Dirty Laundry,Hayden will be hesitant to go all-in with Nikolas, but he will make a move that could be a risky one. Will he go ahead and marry Hayden to supposedly protect his finances, though ultimately he could be putting them more at risk than he ever imagined?

There will be some time in Friday’s episode showing Dante, Sonny and Michael together and General Hospital spoilers share that they will be talking about the Lulu and Johnny situation. In addition, Sonny is said to have a breakthrough of some sort in his recovery, but he will be keeping the news to himself for now.

Will this memory flash of Jason’s set the stage for a renewed romance with Sam? Can Lulu repair her marriage with Dante? Fans cannot wait to see what comes next as the drama continues on General Hospital.

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