Louis Tomlinson Stays Silent As Rumors Claim One Direction Baby Born

Social media is alive with claims that Louis Tomlinson has become a father. One Direction star Louis is reportedly having a baby with L.A. stylist Briana Jungwirth, a woman Tomlinson had the briefest of relationships with last spring. Since the Sun broke the claim that Tomlinson was to become the first One Direction father, the story has generated thousands of column inches, but little comment from Louis or Briana. In fact, Tomlinson uttered just 11 words about the affair when he told Good Morning America that he was “buzzing.” Since then, Tomlinson has been resolutely silent about the matter.

In recent months, Tomlinson has been attacked time and again by some sections of the media. Last weekend the anti-Tomlinson rhetoric changed suddenly, and for no apparent reason. The Daily Mail published pictures of Louis and rumored girlfriend Danielle Campbell visiting a grocery store together. Overnight, and without apparent reason, the portrayal of Tomlinson changed. Suddenly instead of Tomlinson the deadbeat dad we had Louis the loving boyfriend and “ordinary guy.”

As a result of the change of perspective about Tomlinson it was reported in The Inquisitr that we were perhaps in the eye of a media storm. The change of perspective and the recent reporting of Briana supposedly posting a photograph of her baby bump suggested that the “babygate” saga was about to come to a conclusion. So it has proved.

Overnight claims have emerged that baby Tomlinson has arrived and that Louis is the father of a baby boy. According to The Daily Mail, Jungwirth’s grandmother shared posts on social media suggesting that Briana had given birth to a baby boy. As you would expect, Tomlinson’s fans have been active on social media spreading the news.

The post from Marianna Case, who claims to be Brian’s grandmother, was made on Instagram.

“Louis just let your heart dance. You now have another you. A gift that will want to be just like you.

“Love him and my young grandchild that gave him to you. Let her know she’s special. She just wanted to love you not even knowing who you were or your profile and your reputation. Be free & just live. It’s simple. Not complex.”

Louis Tomlinson Baby
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Of course, when it comes to baby Tomlinson, nothing is ever straightforward. Neither Louis nor his representatives have made any comment about the reported arrival of baby Tomlinson. Since the story of Briana’s pregnancy broke, Tomlinson and Jungwirth’s silence about the matter is nothing short of astounding.

Tomlinson in particular has shown time and again that he loves children. Louis comes from a large and loving family, he is close to his sisters. Tomlinson’s generosity to children’s charities is legendary, Louis’ Twitter timeline is full of unassuming evidence of how important children and family are to him.

Ask yourself this: Is Louis Tomlinson the sort of man who would allow the birth of his own son to pass without his making a celebratory comment?

Louis is believed to be in Los Angeles at present, and if Briana were giving birth to his baby, Tomlinson’s fans would expect him to be at her side, whether or not they are a couple.

Tomlinson is not in a relationship with Jungwirth, but unconfirmed reports have claimed that Louis intends to be a hands-on dad to baby Tomlinson. If that were the case would Tomlinson fail to tell his fans that he was a dad? The truth of the matter is that reports of Louis becoming a father are unconfirmed. There has been no official announcement from Tomlinson, his representatives, or even Jungwirth’s family.

Until such time as Tomlinson confirms he is a father, his fans will take the rumors with a pinch of salt. Many of Tomlinson’s fans are totally bemused by the entire baby story. Louis’ fans believe that if he was becoming a father, he would be shouting it from the rooftops, no matter the circumstances.

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