Gillian Anderson Proves ‘The X-Files’ Theme Music Can Make Anything Scary

Gillian Anderson has gone on in the movie and television industry to do some amazing things, but ultimately, for so many people, she will always be known as Special Agent Dana Scully from The X-Files. While The X-Files was an iconic show that paved the way for the procedural shows people enjoy today, the Financial Express reports that Gillian Anderson’s character, Dana Scully, became a feminist icon.

“I think she’s probably one of the first feminist icons from television, but very different, I think, than some of the other characters I’ve played more recently just in terms of their outward attention to that very topic. But, yes, I would say she would be.”

As for what Gillian Anderson is looking forward to the most about reprising her role as Scully, she said it was simply working with David Duchovny (who played Fox Mulder) again.

“I think I was mostly looking forward to working with David. We’ve become friends over the years in the interim, and I knew that we’d probably have a good time, and that no matter what the circumstances we were put in, we would be able to laugh about it and make the most of it.”

Because Gillian Anderson is not actually a natural redhead (GASP!) and she has been many years out of the role of Dana Scully, she is wearing a wig for the shooting of the new The X-Files series. Belfast Telegraph reports that it has been a difficult thing for Anderson to adjust to the wig.

“A wig has to be very tight, so it’s a bit like wearing a vice for 17 hours. You get used to it, but you start the first couple of weeks with headaches. I felt a bit fake in the beginning, but eventually it becomes part of how Scully now felt.”

Gillian Anderson said that aside from the hair, which has to be the fiery red fans loved from the original series, Scully will have a much better wardrobe.

“One thing was going to be different this time around though: Scully’s wardrobe. During the original series, I had paid not a lick of attention to her style. I had known that I wanted her to be homely, because I was determined to be a real actress who didn’t care about vanity. But little did I realise that my lack of awareness and taste would lead to years of bad hair and polyester suits.”

Business Insider reports that eventually, after the original series wrapped up, Gillian Anderson came to love her character.

“It took me a long time to embrace it after we were done with the series. It took a good decade for me to start thinking of it as the gift that it was and appreciate the opportunity I had and how fortunate I was to play a great, iconic character in a show that was iconic in itself.”

Now Gillian Anderson has a deep appreciation for the show in which she starred and the effect it has had on fans and pop culture. She recently appeared on The Late Late Show With James Corden, and Entertainment Weekly reports that the two talked about how The X-Files theme music can make anything scary. Corden joked about going on a vacation to Barbados, before cuing in the theme music.

“We’re just going to Barbados on vacation. It’s going to be great.”

It’s true. The X-Files theme music makes anything scary, but one thing is for certain: fans are anything but scared to tune into the new six-episode series of The X-Files to see Gillian Anderson reprise her role of Dana Scully. See the promo for the new series here.

Catch the premiere on Sunday, January 24, and Monday, January 25.

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