Brad Pitt Drama: Brother Doug Speaks Out on Mother’s Anti-Gay Letter

Since Brad Pitt’s younger brother Doug’s Internet video went viral, the computer businessman has enjoyed a modicum of fame recently. Now it seems as though their mother, Jane Pitt, is getting in on it as well, but not in a humorous way like her son.

Jane Pitt, who has been defending Republican candidate Mitt Romney wrote a letter to a Missouri paper about same-sex marriages, writing that she supports Romney for his “Christian conviction concerning homosexuality.” In her letter she goes on to say, “I think any Christian should spend much time in prayer before refusing to vote for a family man with high morals, business experience, who is against abortion, and shares Christian conviction concerning homosexuality just because he is a Mormon.”

While it isn’t known what Brad’s thoughts are on his mother’s revealing letter, this comes as a surprise considering the continuous open support the Jolie-Pitts have for the LGBT community. At one point before their engagement, Brad declared they would only get married until everyone could freely.

On the Today Show during an interview with Matt Lauer, Doug Pitt spoke out about the controversy over his mother’s letter. Speaking honestly about the situation Doug said, “Moms and dads and kids agree to disagree all over the world, so why would our family be any different?”

He continued to dissect the situation, and discussed the normalcy of their family dynamic saying, “There can be healthy discussion when people disagree with you, and I think there should be. The bad thing is when it turns into venom and negativity, and we don’t have that in our family. It’s open discussion; we can learn from each other…maybe you learn something.”

However, Doug’s guest appearance wasn’t only focused on his family drama. The younger Pitt revealed how it feels to have garnered some attention after living in Brad’s shadow, stating, “It’s a little surreal but it’s fun.”

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