Kate Gosselin Keeping Kids Away From Ex? Jon Gosselin Makes Shocking Allegations

Kate Gosselin has allegedly been keeping her kids away from her ex-husband, Jon Gosselin. Jon, who has been divorced from Kate for more than six years now, made an appearance on the Steve Harvey Show and dropped some major bombshells.

According to Radar Online, Jon Gosselin claims that his ex-wife, Kate Gosselin, keeps their eight children away from him and that he shockingly hasn’t seen all eight of his children together in three years.

“I haven’t seen all of my kids together in about three years,” Jon Gosselin told the stunned audience and went on to explain that although he gets the kids once a week for dinner and every other weekend that most of the time he only sees four of the children at a time.

Jon Gosselin talks to Steve Harvey about co-parenting with Kate Gosselin
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Jon Gosselin also went on to say that he has no idea at any given time which of the children he will be seeing during his weekly dinners and every other weekend visits.

“With my custody, I pull to the gate and whoever comes down the driveway, that’s who I get. I’m not privy to any information. I don’t know who I’m gonna get.”

Jon went on to reveal that he and Kate Gosselin do not co-parent together and have very little communication, which is something that he’d like to work on and would one day like to remedy all together, but has no hopes that it will ever happen with his ex-wife.

“We don’t co-parent. There’s no co-parenting. I parent; she parents. At one point in time I’d love to co-parent but I just don’t see it happening. So now the kids are stuck in the middle between us.”

This isn’t the first time that Jon Gosselin has publicly spoken out about his disapproval and disagreement with how Kate Gosselin handles their eight children. In the past, Jon has bashed his ex-wife relentlessly in the media as rumors circulated that Kate was verbally and sometimes physically abusive to the children.

Jon has even stated in the past that he plans to fight for custody of the kids as soon as he can save enough money to do so and have a place to live that will accommodate the huge family. Meanwhile, Kate Gosselin hasn’t exactly stayed silent on the subject of Jon Gosselin. She has slammed her ex-husband many times as well, but has seemed to stop doing that as of late.

Kate Gosselin keeping kids away from jon Gosselin?
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Kate Gosselin is currently filming her TLC reality series, Kate Plus 8, once again where she showcases her life as a single mom raising eight children. During the most recent season, Kate has already taken the kids on vacation, spent quality time apart from the others with them, and even taken the oldest girls, Maddy and Cara, out shopping in preparation for the new school year. No mention of the children’s father, Jon Gosselin, is made and the family seems to revolve around Kate and her plans for the kids.

It should be interesting to see what Steve Harvey has to say about Jon and Kate Gosselin’s custody agreement and co-parenting style as he’s big on children having their fathers in their lives and will likely offer his unbridled opinion on how Jon Gosselin should go about mending his relationship with Kate, whom he says he only talks to in court, as well as getting more quality time with his eight children.

As for the son who Jon hasn’t seen in over a year, Gosselin did not name which son it was, but Steve Harvey will surely have a lot to say on that matter when the show airs.

What are your thoughts on Jon Gosselin’s comments about his kids, custody, and ex-wife Kate Gosselin?

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