‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Andre Finds Stefano’s Dead Body

Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that Andre will soon get a shocking surprise that will change his whole world. Stefano’s son will actually find his father’s dead body at the demolition site where Hope Brady and Rafe Hernandez dumped it.

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Andre will spend much of his time trying to figure out where his father Stefano DiMera is. Andre comes to the conclusion that Stefano is dead, and truly believes that Hope Brady is to blame, which is an accusation that Days of Our Lives viewers know to be true.

Of course Andre went to the Salem Police Department to tell his tale to Rafe, not knowing that Hope’s former partner on the force actually helped her clean up the crime scene and dump the body at the demolition site in hopes of getting away with murder.

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Meanwhile, Days of Our Lives fans know that Andre isn’t about to let this go anytime soon. In fact, while pondering about what may or may not have happened to his beloved father, Andre will remember the demolition site and it will cross his mind that the old building would be a perfect place to hide a dead body.

Andre will then go check out the building, but shockingly enough the whole thing will come tumbling down while he’s inside. Andre will find the proof that Stefano DiMera is dead when he sees his father’s lifeless body, but be forced to save himself from the building collapse. Unfortunately for Hope Brady and Rafe Hernandez, if Stefano’s body is found in the rubble and recovered, it should open yet another murder investigation in Salem, which Days of Our Lives fans know is quickly becoming the murder capitol of all fictional soap opera towns.

Without Stefano’s body, Andre will have a hard time making his case to the Salem P.D. and will more than likely begin a plan to exact revenge on Hope and possibly Rafe if he suspects he’s in on it as well.

Days of Our Lives viewers know that Hope has been though so much as of late and already lost people close to her, but she still has so many more loved ones to lose if Andre decides to use them as a part of her revenge plan. Hope’s children, Shawn Douglas, who is recently back in Salem, Ciara, as well as step-son Chase could be in danger, as well as the lives of her father, Doug, and step-mother Julie, or anyone that Hope loves for that matter.

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Days of Our Lives rumors are also buzzing about the possibility of Stefano returning in ghost form to offer Andre some tips on how exactly to get his revenge, but since that story line was so recently done when Bo died and appeared as a spirit to Hope asking her to get revenge on his assailants, it seems unlikely to repeat the process just months later.

Meanwhile, Days of Our Lives fans can also expect to see some drama go down in Salem with Eric Brady. As viewers know Eric was responsible for causing the fatal car accident on New Year’s Eve that killed Dr. Daniel Jonas and injured Brady Black, leading to him needing a heart transplant and receiving Daniel’s heart. Eric is expecting to be charged with vehicular manslaughter as soon as he leaves the hospital and his father, Roman Brady, may actually be the one to arrest him.

Add that to the drama going on with Belle, Shawn, and Philip as they enter yet another love triangle and Days of Our Lives viewers will have a lot to look forward to.

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