‘Trove’ Back Online After Two-Day Maintenance, Log In Soon For Free Bonuses

Trove, the voxel adventure game from Trion Worlds, is now back online after a two-day downtime. Players were unable to access the Trove servers for two full days while the game underwent a major data migration. The game’s data was relocated to an upgraded and replacement storage system in an effort to improve overall stability.

Recently, the free-to-play game seemed to be experiencing increasingly long downtimes, unexpected maintenance, and other server issues. The reason was that Trove outgrew its previous storage system with over one million characters created among other game expansions and additions. A scheduled downtime started on January 19 with maintenance to be finished on January 21. Although Trove developers announced that the downtime would continue until sometime early on January 22, the Trove servers came back up today as scheduled.

Now that the Trove servers are back online, players can log in to enjoy the new stability and return to the voxel world. As a bonus for enduring the extended downtime, Trove players are in for some free goodies. Players need to log in to the game before January 24 to be eligible for the following rewards. According to the game’s official site, players will receive a new Chromatic Cumulus mount, five days of Patron status, and two times the Battle Experience in PvP until January 24.

Players that log in soon will receive the new mount; a cloud with a rainbow streaming behind it. The five days of Patron status will be applied to all accounts that log in before that date. Existing Patrons will receive five extra days in addition to their existing subscription. The Patron status should be immediately added to a player’s account when the log in. These bonuses should roll out over the course of the day to all players.

The Chromatic Cumulus mount [Image via Trion Worlds]
Since the Trove server is back online, a new patch is also live after the maintenance. Chaos Chests are rerolled with new contents, Community Chests now purge their items sporadically, and the friends list is sorting properly. Players can find the new Neon Swathcutter mount randomly in Chaos Chests, for instance. Community Chests are no longer ideal for long-term storage, and players can quickly accept all their current friend requests with the “/acceptallfriends” command.

The new patch also fixed a number of bugs in Trove; some specific to certain classes, others affecting all players. For example, Fae Tricksters should no longer get stuck in one-block gaps, and they should now be able to use Blink even when close to wall. The Revenant class weapon, radiant aura, is now in the correct position, and the visual effect from Bulwark Bush should disappear properly. Other fixes include binding issues on non-QWERTY keyboards, the incorrect Shadow Tower floor being highlighted, and more. For the full list of patch notes, check out the official forums.

The Neon Swathcutter mount available in Chaos Chests [Image via Trion Worlds]
The latest patch in Trove also bound a key for players to quickly access the new cornerstone menu. The “I” key now opens the cornerstone menu where players can access their cornerstone options. As the Inquisitr reported, Trove now supports multiple cornerstones for players to customize. Cornerstones in Trove are players’ personal housing area that they can completely customize. The plot can be moved to any cornerstone sign post and the customized lot will appear. All cornerstones are 16-by-16, and players can build 150 blocks into the air and 50 blocks down into the ground. Anything outside of those measurements will be lost when the cornerstone is moved or despawned. After a recent update, players can now purchase additional cornerstone options letting them have more than one cornerstone customized. Only one can be placed, of course, but now players do not have to completely demolish one cornerstone to start making a brand new one.

[Image via Trion Worlds]

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