Sugar Bear And Mama June Call It Quits After ‘Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars’

Mama June and Sugar Bear have been trying to make their relationship work and recently joined the show Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars. They have one child together, but he has also helped to raise her other girls. At this time, fans are still watching them and looking to see if they can fix all of the problems and get back together again.

Radar Online shared the news that Sugar Bear and Mama June have not been able to work things out since leaving the show. They have tried going on reality television, but this relationship was just too broken. It looks like these two may never get back together again.

Mama June and Sugar Bear actually finished filming a few months ago. They worked on their relationship on the show, but after they left, they were unable to make it work. Mama June and Sugar Bear are totally over. Here is what a family insider had to say about it.

“They’re definitely not together now. There was no saving that relationship after everything they had been through.”

Mama June was actually caught spending time with her ex-boyfriend, who is a convicted child molester. This ended up getting their show Here Comes Honey Boo Boo canceled even though she tried to say they were not in a relationship. It turned out that this man actually molested Mama June’s oldest daughter, but she was still spending time with him once he got out of jail. After that, rumors went wild that Sugar Bear had cheated on Mama June online.

On the show, Sugar Bear admitted to cheating and even shared that he had experimented with men in the past. Mama June already was suspicious that he had done this because of some pictures she found on his phone. This reveal could have been one of the things that kept the couple from working things out.

The insider shared that there is no chance of Mama June and Sugar Bear getting back together again. Actually, it has been shared that Mama June has even found a new man that she is dating now. Mama June is living in Georgia and is said to be dating a man that lives there as well. No word on who this man is or how serious Mama June is with him just yet.

Rumor Fix shared that it has been brought up that Sugar Bear could be faking that he was even with men just to try to get the family back on television. They were actually unable to confirm if it is true or not, but sources say that Mama June and Sugar Bear knew the drama would make good television and could get the family a new show, which is what they have been trying to do for a while now. Mama June is saying there is no scripting to the show, but that doesn’t mean that there could not be some lying.

Are you shocked to hear that Mama June and Sugar Bear were not able to work through their problems? Did you think that this couple would get back together? It looks like this love story has now come to an end. Sound off in the comments below, and don’t miss watching them on Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars on Friday nights on WE tv.

[Photo by Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images for WE tv]

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