‘Mob Wives’ Big Ang Hospitalized: Reality Star’s Cancer Update

In the midst of the return of her VH1 series, Mob Wives, star Big Ang was originally reported to have gone through another cancer scare after being in recovery from throat cancer.

According to Radar Online, Big Ang was hospitalized earlier in the week, and ran some blood work. Does this mean that the reality star is in trouble again? If she is, Big Ang isn’t letting on, and seems positive about her outlook.

The reality star told Radar Online, “I just go for blood work. Everything is good.”

She went on to explain her routine as someone whose cancer is currently in recovery.

“Every three months, I go for a CAT scan and blood work for the next five years.”

Her hospitalization comes off the heels of being diagnosed with cancer again. As the Inquisitr reported, back in December, there was a cancer recurrence that was reported to have spread throughout the Mob Wives‘ star’s body. At the time, her family members told TMZ that despite the aggressive treatment that Big Ang went through, including a surgery to remove a lemon-sized tumor in her throat, the cancer has come back.

SiLive, a local paper on Staten Island, where the star calls home, reported that Big Ang’s friends said the famous reality star needed everyone’s prayers in the wake of the disappointing diagnosis. Back in December, the paper reported that the star had fought lung cancer that past fall. In an interview with the Staten Island Advance, her now-estranged husband, Neil Murphy, said the following of the star’s spirit.

“She’s like wine, she gets better with age. I mean, the lady had almost 25 hours of surgery in the past year. Throat, lymph nodes out. Then they found out she had lung cancer. The nodule grew. She had to go in for another surgery and they had to cut the top part of her lung off.”

“The lung [cancer surgery] was rough. That was painful.”

Of his wife, Murphy said “she’s a beast.”

That said, Radar Online reports that the star is in remission from that scare in December.

Big Ang, whose gravelly voice and big personality became a staple of the Mob Wives show, told Radar Online of her current disposition.

“Right now, I think it’s time to focus on myself. I’m always focusing on Neil, taking care of my grandchildren, taking care of my kids — I think it’s time to take care of Angela.”

Despite her many health scares, Big Ang doesn’t seem to be down about it. In fact, just yesterday she was at her old bar The Drunken Money to watch the new episode of Mob Wives with her fans.

The last we’ve heard from Big Ang, she spoke to People back in September about her recovery with cancer.

“Things happen for a reason. I’d smoked for 40 years. No one could tell me what to do. [The tumor] was blocking my airway, I quit smoking the day I found out.”

Big Ang said that even though she’s had health scares, her doctors said that she’s a very lucky person because she caught the cancer when it was stage 2.

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