Jax Taylor, Kristen Doute, Scheana Marie, And Tom Schwartz Talk Stassi Schroeder’s ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Return

Given how things were between Stassi Schroeder and the other Vanderpump Rules cast members by the end of Season 3, it’s not surprising that not everyone was happy to see her return to the show midway through filming the fourth season. What is surprising is that two of the people with whom she had the most drama with on the earlier seasons are the ones who are seemingly the least bothered by her return. In an interview with the Daily Dish, posted on Thursday, Jax Taylor, Kristen Doute, Scheana Marie, and Tom Schwartz shared their thoughts on Stassi’s return, which viewers will see begin on next Monday’s episode.

Stassi’s ex, Jax Taylor, was actually happy to have her back.

“Speaking for myself, I’m happy to have her back — even with everything that went on between us. She’s Stassi; everybody’s got a spot for her. At first, everyone was furious. People had their ups and downs; there were people that were angry, there were people that were mad, some people were happy. It was a bunch of different emotions.”

Jax and Stassi dated for years and were together on the first two seasons. Their relationship was tumultuous the entire time. The relationship finally ended when, at the end of Season 2, Stassi found out that Jax had sex with her friend, Kristen, while he was trying to woo her back.

Perhaps Jax’s relaxed attitude towards Stassi is due to the fact that he’s now in a relationship with Brittany Cartwright? Despite the fact that Jax has been shown flirting with Lala Kent and lying about it this past season, he and Brittany, whom he began dating shortly prior to filming the current season, remain together. Their social media accounts show them being very happy with one another.

A preview of Stassi’s return shows that viewers will see at least one scene of Jax and Stassi together. The scene shows Jax and Stassi sitting nervously near one another during a group outing.

Will viewers see Brittany and Stassi in a scene together? While the preview doesn’t get that away, an unaired clip from last week’s episode shows Jax and Scheana talking about Stassi’s intentions as Brittany and Scheana’s husband, Mike Shay, listen. Scheana tells them that Kristen has been hanging out with Stassi, who is trying to wiggle her way back into the group because her “perfect life” and “perfect boyfriend” is all “crumbling” now. Scheana then says that Kristen told her that she and Stassi don’t talk about anything personal but just about superficial things. Scheana added that when Kristen told her that Stassi doesn’t ask about her life, she told her that’s because Stassi doesn’t care about her and is really just using her. Jax and Scheana then talk about how Stassi talked badly about all of them, and branded them pathetic for still working at SUR. Scheana declares that neither she nor Katie will be friends with Scheana. Brittany doesn’t say anything, but nods in agreement.

Kristen Doute told the Daily Dish that she doesn’t think Stassi Schroeder is using her. At the end of Season 2, Stassi slapped Kristen across the face upon learning that she had sex with Jax Taylor. Much to everyone’s surprise, Stassi and Kristen started talking again after the third season.

“She tried really hard. Just when she decided to come back, I was like the only one that she had… A lot of people felt like it was a convenient timing, or [Stassi] was kind of preying on my weakness of feeling like I still needed her to forgive me for past mistakes, and it really wasn’t like that at all… I just saw growth in her, like starting to really focus on herself, and not in a selfish way.”

Scheana Marie, whose friendship with Stassi ended after the first season after Stassi failed to show concern for her after a bad accident and subsequent tooth operation, remains unconvinced. “I felt like she changed and I felt like that was fake,” she told the Daily Dish.

As for Katie Maloney, the preview shows Katie telling a crying Stassi that “it’s a little too late,” seemingly about their friendship. Katie and Stassi’s relationship ended last season after Katie felt as if Stassi was punishing her for being friends with Scheana. The preview also shows Katie’s fiancé, Tom Schwartz, telling a sobbing Stassi that she was a “f**kin’ b**ch.” Tom actually told the Daily Dish that he loves Stassi.

“I love Stass. I do have a soft spot for her — I always have. Like I keep saying, we didn’t welcome her back with open arms. We had to gauge her and see where she was coming from. I think we’ve come a long way. We’re cool. It’s amicable. We’re kosher… [But] the knee-jerk reaction was, ‘Oh hell no.’ “

One person who definitely didn’t welcome Stassi Schroeder back with open arms is her former boss Lisa Vanderpump. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Lisa said in a blog post that people shouldn’t forget how Stassi mistreated everyone, and that she made sure that Stassi didn’t get her “quota of goat cheese balls” upon her return “for nothing.”

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