Jessica Simpson’s Mom Tina Takes Awkward Photo With Her Husband Eric Johnson

Jessica Simpson made headlines recently with a specific picture that did not even feature her.

The controversial photo featured Jessica’s mother, Tina Simpson, and her husband, Eric Johnson, in a pose that many fans and followers called awkward and inappropriate.

In the photo, which was posted to Tina’s Instagram account, Tina and Eric are both doing the splits together as they both face the camera. However, the position of Eric’s head in the photo apparently raised quite a few eyebrows.

Jessica Simpson
[Image via Tina Simpson Instagram]

How did Tina’s fans and followers react to her questionable pose with Jessica Simpson’s husband?

Based on the comments made on her Instagram post, there was apparently a mixed reaction.

Quite a few people did feel that the picture was awkward and inappropriate.

  • ms_eq:Wrong on every level! #boundaries
  • alizotiq:Are you kidding me? No wonder Jessica has issues with men…you are a horrible role model!
  • senaidagarcia:So gross and inappropriate for both of them… [At] no time should MY Husband be between my mama’s legs, nor should my Mama be ok with it.”
  • they’re a little too comfortable… With his head on her area like that… And she’s grown, that pose isn’t cute and I would’ve assumed she’d know that.

Instagram user “MyFamilyIsNo.1” addressed her comment to both Tina and Jessica Simpson, expressing her hope that Tina is not doing anything wrong as well as the need for Jessica to open her eyes.

“Tina, I pray to God that your not doing your daughter dirty if my mom does that to me all he’ll will break loose disrespectful look at his thumb what you think his pig for doing that stop drinking alcohol, it will make you do crazy shit. Jessica open those eyes girl dont allow this to happen again imagine when your traveling and there home alone. Just saying!”

However, not everyone felt that this picture was awkward. Some people even criticized the ones that felt it was inappropriate, claiming that Jessica Simpson’s mother and husband were just having innocent and harmless fun.

Instagram user “Malisa_Love” started off her comment with “laugh, drink wine, live life and party on!”

“Life’s too short! Miserable people can be very nasty. Take pity on those that: first, can’t mind their own business, second, thinking their opinion actually matters, third, they have no life and just very envious.”

Another Instagram user, Juxtoposition, even said that “more people should wrestle and have fun with family.” The same user shared a reminder that “this family [encouraged] their teenage daughter to stay pure before marriage,” further stating that “clean and dirty water don’t come from the same well.”

This is not the first time that Jessica Simpson’s mother has posted a picture of herself with one of her son-in-laws on Instagram. She also shared a photo with Evan Ross, Jessica’s brother-in-law, earlier this week.

However, the two were not doing the splits together in that particular photo.

Jessica Simpson
[Image via Tina Simpson Instagram]

Jessica Simpson’s mother actually got engaged last June to her boyfriend, Jon Goldstein, according to Us Weekly. According to the report, Tina brought Jon along as her date to Jessica’s wedding to Eric Johnson in July of 2014.

Jessica and Eric’s wedding was featured in People magazine as the cover story for one of its issues that same month.

Eric explained how he saw his “gorgeous wife coming towards [him] and she was crying,” claiming that he thought that his “heart was exploding a little bit” during that emotionally-stirring moment.

Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson were able to add to the overall ambiance of the occasion by making it a family affair, allowing their two children to serve as the flower girl and ring bearer for the ceremony. According to Jessica, young Maxwell and Ace apparently received a standing ovation from the crowd long before she even started walking down the aisle.

[Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]

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