Lynda Carter Will Not Appear In New ‘Wonder Woman’ Film, Despite Rumors And Cryptic Quotes From Chris Pine

Despite online petitions and cryptic quotes from Wonder Woman co-star Chris Pine, Lynda Carter will not be making an appearance in the forthcoming Wonder Woman movie, says her publicist.

Earlier this week, the internet was set afire with rumors that Lynda Carter would potentially have at least a cameo appearance in the new film, after Chris Pine — who plays love interest Steve Trevor to Gal Godot’s titular heroine in the film, slated to hit theatres in 2017 — spoke with Entertainment Weekly about the movie. When asked whether original Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter, would make an appearance, his all-too-cryptic response left fans excited for the possibility.

“If I could tell you that I wouldn’t, but I can’t.”

Unfortunately, on January 20, a publicist for Carter shot down the rumors, and left legions of fans upset. The rep, Pete Sanders, said Lynda doesn’t even have so much as a walk-on role in the upcoming film, but that “she wishes it success.”

Lynda Carter, who played Wonder Woman on the small screen from 1975-1979 — and who is considered to be the epitome of the role — has always been a champion for a variety of other Wonder Woman incarnations, including a pilot for NBC in 2011 that was never picked up, and another for CW that was halted quickly after production began. According to the Washington Post, in 2010, Carter even teased that she would consider playing a small role in a film rumored to be in production at the time.

“If it really is something that is gratuitous I won’t do it; if it’s just for me to show up in it I wouldn’t do it. But if there is something written that they think would be appropriate then most definitely I’d consider it. I would love it.”

Though the new film — which is scheduled to be released June 23, 2017 — will not feature Lynda Carter in any form, it is still generating a fair amount of buzz online, especially after a teaser clip of the movie was shown on Tuesday, during Warner Brothers’ Dawn of the Justice League special that aired on CW. The clip, which is just over a minute long, features Israeli actress Gal Godot doing a pretty good job of filling Lynda Carter’s Amazonian shoes, as she fights off a group of WWI soldiers.

In an interview with the Toronto Sun, Chris Pine confirmed the setting of the film to be during World War I — despite the fact that originally, Wonder Woman was set during World War II.

“[I]t’s a period we don’t see often; it’s usually World War II. Our costume design is incredible. We have scenes with, like, 500 extras all in period dress. I’d never been on a film with extras casting as beautifully done as it is here.”

Before Lynda Carter dawned Wonder Woman’s tiara, and Bracelets of Submission, and before she wielded her famous Lasso of Truth for the small screen, the Amazonian princess was already a hit among comic book readers for many years. Originally appearing in All Star Comics No. 8 in December, 1941, the Wonder Woman comic — or many variations thereof, such as appearances in The Justice Society and the Justice League — has been continually published from the summer of 1942 to the present, except for a brief hiatus from February, 1986, to February, 1987.

Though Lynda Carter will sadly not be making an appearance in the upcoming Wonder Woman film, many fans are still excited for their favorite Amazon to make her big screen, live-action debut — which will be in March’s Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, ahead of next summer’s feature-length film. Will you be going to see 2017’s Wonder Woman film, even if Lynda Carter isn’t making an appearance?

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