‘Deadpool’ Movie Premieres At Fan Event, Ryan Reynolds, Stan Lee And Company Surprise Attendees

Deadpool fans were treated to a surprise screening of the movie on Monday afternoon after being led to believe that they were merely attending a fan event.

Several days ago, the team behind the YouTube channel Vsauce announced that they were hosting two separate fan events – one in Bow Tie Chelsea Cinemas in New York, and another in AMC Century City 15 in Los Angeles, for the upcoming superhero movie.

The team advertised that there would be exclusive sneak peeks, never-before-seen footage, and “special guests + more.”

However, when the attendees lined up and then took their seats at the two venues, the movie started, and then just kept playing until the end. The fans were extremely delighted by the surprising turn of events, but Marvel and the team behind the Deadpool movie had more tricks up their sleeves.

Right after the credits rolled, actor Ryan Reynolds showed up in New York and interacted with the audience. Meanwhile, Stan Lee, together with the team that brought Deadpool to the big screen spoke with fans in LA.

The team in LA, which was led by comic book icon Stan Lee, also included director Tim Miller, co-stars T.J. Miller and Brianna Hildebrand, Rob Liefeld, who created the Deadpool character, and writers Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese.

While some people believe that the advanced screening of the film is a marketing campaign to promote the film to non-comic book fans, there are some who think the team probably wants to get feedback from the audience in order to make some last-minute changes before the actual premiere on Feb. 16.

Those who were fortunate enough to sign up for the fan events and watch the film in advance were all praises for the first R-rated Marvel-related movie.

Some fans on Twitter shared similar reactions that Deadpool was amazing, while others reminded those who plan to watch to wait until after the credits roll. In typical Marvel fashion, this film has an after-credits scene as well.

Another social media user described the film as “funny, action-packed, and just a blast.” Interestingly, a Twitter user went as far ahead as to say that the film is “literally” the best Marvel movie, which is a pretty bold claim considering the recent box-office success of the Iron Man, Captain America, and Avengers franchises.

Meanwhile, Stan Lee himself posted on Twitter that the movie was amazing, simply because he had a cameo in it.

“Just saw the #Deadpool movie and it was AMAZING (all because of my cameo),” the tweet said.

As one of the most awaited superhero films this year, Deadpool promises a lot of violence, sex, and vulgarity.

Producer Simon Kinberg clearly describes the film in a statement.

“It’s graphic. Nothing is taboo. You either commit to a truly outrageous boundary-pushing kind of movie or you don’t”

Reynolds, who previously starred as DC’s Green Lantern, has moved on to Marvel to play the iconic hero.

Unfortunately, the R-rating has triggered a warning signal among some fans, saying that the film would probably not do well because of its limited audience. To make things worse, Deadpool was already banned in China, which is the biggest market in the movie industry.

Director Miller reportedly tried his best to balance both humor and the serious world of the X-Men universe, but it still contains violence that is a tad gorier than the typical superhero film.

The Deadpool Movie Gets Rave Reviews From Fans

According to Miller, he had a difficult time editing the Deadpool movie because there were scenes that are just too much for the average viewer.

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