Drake ‘Views From The 6’ Track List Allegedly Released

Drake has delayed his Views from the 6 studio album for a good reason. However, it seems that Drake or someone close has leaked the track list to the public.

Drake and Views from the 6 have been constant topics of 2015 and the present. Many people don’t truly understand why there have been constant delays. However, in a nutshell, Drake doesn’t want Views released under Birdman’s label, Cash Money Records.

While he’s attempting to keep things secret and mysterious until it’s safe to release, it appears that someone doesn’t have the same patience as the “Hotline Bling” artist. Via Twitter, if Drake hasn’t seen the alleged Views from the 6 track list leak, the rest of the world has certainly caught an eyeful.

Since it’s already out and made-public, here’s the alleged track list — posted by Social Culture. Although Drake hasn’t confirmed if the following songs are, in fact, the tracks from Views from the 6, you should use your own judgement.

  1. “Paris Morton Music 3”
  2. “Sound/Flow Through” feat. Popcaan
  3. “Rep”
  4. “One in a Million” feat. Kanye West
  5. “Can I” feat. Beyonce
  6. “The Grace” feat. Beyonce
  7. “11 p.m. in Scarborough”
  8. “Mind Over Matter” feat. Rick Ross and Future
  9. “Smeared” feat. Justin Bieber
  10. “Hotline Bling”
  11. “Mercy”
  12. “2 Strategical”
  13. “Crossed the Line”
  14. “No Need” feat. Lil Wayne
  15. “6ix Lights/You and the 6”
  16. “The Vital”
  17. “Ending Sequence”

According to Drake, via Instagram, “One in a Million” actually samples one of his uncle’s tracks. By the way, his uncle’s name is Larry Graham. Interestingly enough, it seems that Drake comes from a line of family who are already within the music industry. From the start, maybe time was inevitably in Drake’s favor.

As heard in If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late, Drake plans to re-debut “You & the 6.” The Inquisitr previously reported that, basically, this song is a recap on his life. In the song, Drake simulates a phone call with his mother, Sandi Graham. During the conversation, he breaks down the downfalls of the industry — letting his mother know why he’s been doing and saying the things she’s possibly heard via his music and the media.

In the track, he also mentions that he forgives his father for not really being in his life. And Drake asks his mother, since they’re in a wealthy position and have so many accomplishments in life, “why not forgive him at this point?” If you’d listen to the song, you’d hear that Drake spits some seriously mature lyrics.

All in all, it’s a touching story many didn’t think would be included in Views from the 6. However, if this song list is true, Drake might have decided to run the song by his fans one more time. As can be seen from the aforementioned list, “You & the 6” is coupled with another track called “6ix Lights.” Unlike the former track, “6ix Lights” wasn’t a part of If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late. So, it may interest Drake fans to hear what’s in store on that particular compilation.

As far as the release date for Views, that’s still undetermined, and it will probably remain in a delayed status until Drake fulfills his obligation to Cash Money Records. People thought he had done it with What a Time to Be Alive and IYRTITL, as reports DJ Booth.

However, while Birdman did cash in on the album, Drake still has a contractual album or two left. And from the way Views from the 6 is looking, it’s not an album Drake wants under the notorious label head.

Right now, Views is Drake’s baby. And no one is messing with his child, right? So, why is the public pressuring him to release the album. Simply, the fact is that much of the public doesn’t know what’s really happening behind the scenes. There’s a lot more to the music industry than meets the eye. You’ve probably heard that it’s a cutthroat business. Drake can be one to tell you, straight up, that’s the truth.

Nevertheless, what are your thoughts on Drake and Views from the 6? Do you better-understand the reason for the delay? Feel free to share your thoughts as well as this article. Help others understand amid the confusion.

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