Beyoncé Pregnant With Second Child, Baby Bump Growing!

The pregnancy rumors about Beyoncé have been swirling for a while, and now it looks like the stories are true. Hollywood Life reports that “there’s no hiding it now,” as Beyonce is said to be coping with “terrible” morning sickness four months into her second pregnancy. It’s rough having morning sickness, but the pregnancy must be exciting for Beyonce, 34, and husband Jay Z, 46. The couple have frequently said that they hoped to have another child, and let Blue Ivy Carter, 4, be a big sister to a new baby.

According to Hollywood Life, two insiders shared the baby bump news with Life & Style magazine. The insiders, who are close to Beyonce and Jay Z, called the pregnancy a “dream” that “has finally come true,” and confirmed that Beyonce has wanted a second baby for some time.

“Bey is pregnant. She feels like she has been trying to have a second baby since Blue was born.”

Fans are hoping that Beyonce will give Blue Ivy a little brother or sister, and there have been several reports that Bey was pregnant for the second time. At Blue Ivy’s fourth birthday party, many people caught sight of Beyonce wearing a loose sweatshirt instead of her usual close fitting outfits, and she was “covering up her stomach,” where there was probably a baby bump. A short time later, the singer was seen outside the Son-of-a-Gun restaurant making an effort to hold her coat closed over her belly.

It all came to a head on January 18, when Beyonce had to attend a rehearsal for the Super Bowl. As the “Halo” singer left the rehearsal in a group with her dancers, it was a warm day with no sign of rain. Beyonce wore a “giant, oversized green rain jacket,” and that made fans jump on the baby bump rumor in a big way. In Touch reports that one Queen Bey fan even captured the whole episode on camera and posted it to social media.

There’s speculation that the Super Bowl may be the moment when Beyonce stops hiding her pregnancy and lets the world see her baby bump. One Twitter user suggested that fans will see another mic drop moment this Super Bowl!

While Beyonce, Jay Z, and all their friends and family must be happy and excited about Beyonce’s pregnancy, it hasn’t been easy for Bey this time around. The source who spoke with Life & Style magazine said that Beyonce’s pregnancy moods are changeable and that she’s been “constantly fighting” with Jay Z.

“Jay snapped and yelled ‘You’re not the boss of me!'”

Bey didn’t like the way Jay Z yelled at her, and she lost her temper too. According to the source, Beyonce ended the confrontation when she “hurled a cellphone across the room, missing him and hitting a painting instead.”

Beyonce’s also been feeling super nauseous during this pregnancy. She’s eating a lot of “heavy foods,” which seem to help stop the constant feeling of sickness. One favorite is the chicken and waffles dish at Roscoe’s, a popular L.A. restaurant. All that extra eating has seen a significant pregnancy weight gain of 30 pounds, so Bey won’t be able to hide the baby bump much longer and fans will be happy when the pregnancy is finally official!

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