WWE News: Former TNA And ROH World Champion Austin Aries To Sign With WWE Very Soon

We all know by now that WWE is trying to bring in a lot of top names from around the world. WWE NXT will be touring a lot more this year into next year. They will be touring about as much as the main roster before too long. The idea is that newer talent will tour Florida a lot, and more southeastern states, while they vet talent tour around the country. All would end up doing international tours if they planned to do them. According to Triple H, Japan is possible for NXT.

Due to this expansion, WWE needs to bring in more talent. That is why adding the New Japan stars is so crucial and why added top independent talent is also a big deal. WWE has managed to seal up a few, but other names like Jay Lethal and The Motor City Machine Guns are also rumored to be part of WWE by the end of this year, at the latest. However, the big name that could be coming in now is former TNA and ROH World Champion, Austin Aries.

Austin Aries was backstage at an NXT event a little while back, which got rumors swirling that not only would he be signed to a WWE contract but he might even debut that night at the taping. Sadly, he has not debuted yet for WWE, but that could be for a very legitimate reason. It was said then that Aries had his gear that night, which meant he was at least doing a tryout match of some sort. It seems it went over well.

Aries World Title
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According to PWInsider, Aries recently went to Pittsburgh where it was said that he very well could have been taking the standard WWE medical tests with the WWE doctor they employ to help them with this, Dr. Joseph Maroon. Maroon has done surgeries on a number of athletes, including WWE Superstars.

However, this area is mostly used for WWE testing more than surgical things for WWE. Although WWE does send people with neck or head injuries to see him a lot, as it is a specialty of Maroon’s.

Usually when a person goes in to do these tests, WWE is planning to sign them very soon. They would never send someone to do medical tests if they did not have an interest in signing them to a deal of some sort. Usually after medical testing, WWE signs a talent fully within a few months. It could be quicker with Aries. WWE may have already agreed with Aries on a contract, which very well could make him exclusive to the company. We did not hear of people like Samoa Joe and Rhyno doing these tests, as they were not exclusive at the time.

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Samoa Joe is said to be now, so he very well could have done them. Aries would be one of the oldest signings for the NXT roster, as he comes in at 37 years of age. However, this is only slightly older than some of WWE NXT’s top talent, who are between the ages of 30-35 respectively.

Many thought WWE would have Austin Aries debut earlier this month, but that most likely did not happen as he was potentially finishing up independent material. Of course, now we know that he needed to get WWE exams, as well, so it all makes sense.

Aries being brought in makes all the sense in the world, as WWE needs bodies on the tours they plan to go on. The other reason is that with all the other names like Finn Balor and Sami Zayn heading to the main roster, they need star power on the road. Austin Aries has main evented a lot across the United States, especially in the northeast. Having him helps WWE out a lot. On top of this, he can help elevate younger talent like Rich Swann and Biff Busick among others that are newer to WWE and big stages.

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