Peter Gunz Responds To Tara Wallace Pregnancy Announcement On ‘Love & Hip Hop’

Peter Gunz has responded after Tara Wallace announced her current pregnancy on Love & Hip Hop. Tara confirmed rumors that she was pregnant with Peter’s baby despite his marraige to Amina Buddafly. Immediately, social media went wild, condemning Tara for sleeping with a married man and then going after Peter for getting both Tara and Amina pregnant. According to Design & Trend, Peter Gunz really doesn’t care what people think of him, as usual.

Gunz doesn’t seem to mind his reputation as New York’s most hated and continues to upset LHHNY fans with comments about how much he really doesn’t care. The Bronx-born rapper is getting a lot of heat for continuing to cheat on Amina Buddafly with the mother of two of his eight children, Tara Wallace.

Likewise, Tara hasn’t escaped criticism for her blatant disregard of Peter Gunz’ wedding vows and has said previously that she has no regrets being the other woman, possibly because she was with Peter first. Wallace has been dragged on Twitter since announcing that she is pregnant with another child and that Peter Gunz is the father.

In response to the huge uproar caused from the Monday night episode of Love & Hip Hop where Tara admitted that she was expecting, Peter posted a picture of all eight of his children on Instagram. The rapper-turned-reality star captioned the photo, “No regrets…. Morning world.” Right before posting that picture, Peter posted a meme that said, “I’m 99% sure you don’t like me and I’m 100% sure IDGAF.”

Gunz posted another meme in response to the Tara Wallace pregnancy backlash. That meme said, “Everyone is a saint when they talk about someone else’s sin.” The photo was captioned, “Not religious but this is perfect…” At least this time around, Peter Gunz isn’t adding to the already shocking number of baby mamas. Gunz has children with six women and boasts eight, going on nine, children.

Peter’s response to the huge LHHNY drama came after Tara Wallace and Amina Buddafly had a short-lived Twitter fight. Amina blasted Tara for claiming not to know she was even pregnant until she was 18-weeks along. Amina also had a lot to say about Tara sleeping with her husband, knowing that Peter Gunz wasn’t single.

That didn’t sit well with Tara, who posted a meme about how Amina shouldn’t have married Peter in the first place, knowing that he wasn’t monogamous and often acted as if he was a single man. Wallace also accused Amina of only marrying Peter in order to gain U.S. citizenship. Buddafly, a German-born singer, shot back that she has been a citizen for a while now and is still married to Gunz. Apparently that was supposed to prove that she married the notorious cheater for love.

Love & Hip Hop fans seem to be siding with Amina Buddafly in all this mess. Many have called Tara out on Twitter for continuing to teach etiquette classes while not following her own advice. Others pointed out that despite being pregnant with her third child by Gunz, he is still married to someone else.

Amina announced that she was also pregnant recently. Peter’s wife decided to terminate her pregnancy after learning that he was cheating with Tara again. That didn’t sit well with Wallace, who tweeted about how she wouldn’t have an abortion and plans to keep her third child with Peter. Is this Tara’s attempt to win Peter back from Amina? Fans of LHHNY know that Gunz was living with Wallace and managing Amina Buddafly’s singing career when he started having an affair with her and then married the singer right under Tara’s nose.

The whole situation between Peter Gunz, his wife Amina and his side chick Tara is a huge mess but it does make for great reality TV. Fans can’t seem to get enough of the VH1 hit and ratings for Season 6 of Love & Hip Hop are proving as much. Now we’re just waiting to see how much more Amina Buddafly is willing to deal with when it comes to Peter Gunz and Tara Wallace.

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