Amy Schumer Steals Jokes From Dead Comedian, Alleges Reddit Post With 5,000 Comments [Graphic Vimeo Video]

The new video below featuring Amy Schumer is one that Schumer might not want to go viral. For those who remember Patrice O’Neal, the stand-up comedian who could always be counted on for a raunchy set that had you all at once clucking your tongue and laughing at O’Neal’s brashness, Patrice is a familiar face in the below video, juxtaposed against Amy. Patrice left this world as a 41-year-old, with many believing O’Neal was gone too soon, felled by a stroke two days before his 42nd birthday on November 29, 2011. But the following video of Schumer telling at least two graphic jokes eerily similar to O’Neal’s jokes are part of what’s helping the video go viral.

Patrice can be seen in the above photo from September 10, 2011. O’Neal would be dead approximately two months after the photo was snapped, upon Patrice’s arrival in Los Angeles, California, for the Comedy Central Roast Of Charlie Sheen at Sony Studios.

Warning: The following video titled “Amy Schumer stolen jokes evidence” is graphic, and might be disturbing to some viewers. (Update: The Vimeo video was removed, but lives on in YouTube infamy.)

The Amy Schumer stolen jokes evidence Vimeo video was submitted 7 hours ago, at approximately 10 a.m. ET on Wednesday, January 20. The popularity of the Vimeo video has been helped along by a viral Reddit post, also titled Amy Schumer stolen jokes evidence, which amassed more than 5,000 comments in that time. The depth of research for the Schumer video proves that Amy’s declaration’s of not being a joke thief are wearing thin — and are enough to want to give a Redditor serious upvotes and good gold.

While certain jokes that Amy is being accused of stealing are the kind of joke fare that can easily be general enough to view as a coincidence — such as Schumer’s Trainwreck banter about a wife dressing a husband in a goofy manner so that no other woman will want him (although that alleged theft is debatable) — Amy can’t easily brush off other supposed joke stealing as being coincidental.

Such is the case of the O’Neal joke that crudely speaks about making a beard out of ejaculation and pubic hair. Amy simply shifts the name of the act to the “Abraham Lincoln” instead of Patrice’s “gorilla master” terminology. It’s such a unique joke and set of circumstances, joke stealing is hard to argue against. Especially with O’Neal’s next joke, which is also crude — surprise, surprise. Patrice joked about a sexual situation whereby a guy replaces himself with his friend during the act of sex then sneaks outside and waves through the window at the woman, who thought she was having sex with the guy waving at her through the window.

While Amy is right in that such a scenario is just plain rape, Schumer seems wrong in not crediting Patrice with the original joke. Schumer’s joke-telling makes it feel, even to die-hard Amy fans, that’s a bit too much borrowing was going on. Perhaps Schumer should take a page from comedians back in the day, such as when Eddie Murphy waxed nostalgic about a phone conversation he had with Richard Pryor. Eddie was upset about Bill Cosby criticizing him for his filthy language. Pryor told Eddie in a colorful way to tell Cosby to perform fellatio. Murphy made sure to credit Richard’s words to Richard.

Even the other scenarios that Schumer puts forth in the now-viral video, such as the idea to have someone slap food out of a dieter’s mouth or exercise a person when they are in a coma-like state could be handled the way Dave Chappelle handled such fare for his show. Dave would simply say that he heard of a certain joke or situation, and then introduce a video clip showing how he imagined the scenario playing out. Chappelle would in essence be giving a good platform to the original comedian, and showing his artistic chops at expanding upon — not stealing — the joke.

Instead, Schumer finds herself betting on her life that Amy would never steal a joke, as Schumer wrote on Twitter after the joke-stealing melee went viral.

As reported by the Daily Mail, other female comedians have accused Amy of stealing jokes, with the Twitter evidence still on their website. As for O’Neal — a man featured heavily in the viral video — he can’t speak for himself about the accusations. That task is left to those who fondly remember the funny Patrice.

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