WWE Rumors: AJ Styles Scheduled For Royal Rumble, Raw, Smackdown This Week

WWE rumors are suggesting that AJ Styles is now scheduled for the Royal Rumble pay per view on Sunday, Monday Night Raw and the Smackdown taping, according to Wrestling Inc.

Initially, WWE wanted AJ Styles to work the Royal Rumble because they knew that would create quite a buzz with their audience, but they canceled that because word leaked out.

WWE has been struggling on what they can do with their characters and stories because performers were dropping left and right due to various injuries. Something needed to happen.

Losing John Cena has been one of the biggest blows to WWE over the past year because much of what they do is heavily dependent on the popular former world heavyweight champion.

With John Cena not available for the Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania 32 in Dallas, WWE knew that they would have to pay up if they wanted to be able to draw in the big audiences.

That is one of the reasons why WWE decided to open up their checkbook and sign guys like AJ Styles, Karl Anderson, Doc Gallows and Shinsuke Nakamura away from New Japan.

WWE normally prefers to build up stars from scratch through their NXT program, but patience was not something that could be afforded when your top performers are getting injured.

AJ Styles showing up at the Royal Rumble will be as big of a sight as when Sting finally showed up in World Wrestling Entertainment after several years of working for WCW and TNA.

The hope is that WWE will utilize AJ Styles properly by putting him in the top level where he belongs instead of making him work his way up the ladder like so many others have done.

Creating instant stars is not a strong point of WWE, but the company does have a small history of doing it. Carlito and Kevin Owens are examples of guys that were given great debuts.

On his very first night with the company, Carlito was allowed to defeat John Cena for the United States Heavyweight Champion, which made him an instant star with fans of WWE.

Not coincidentally, John Cena was also the catalyst in WWE giving instant momentum to Kevin Owens upon his debut on the main roster. Fans really believed that a new star arrived.

John Cena might not be around for a couple of months, but that doesn’t mean that WWE should avoid giving instant momentum to AJ Styles, one of the most talented performers.

A good way to give AJ Styles instant momentum is for WWE to script him to be one of the final four contestants in the Royal Rumble, which should pit Styles against Roman Reigns.

If WWE were willing to think outside of the box, then they can always have AJ Styles winning the Royal Rumble and capturing the world heavyweight championship from Roman Reigns.

That would create an instant buzz since there are a lot of AJ Styles fans out there, and it would be considered a move that goes against what WWE would normally do with their belts.

A move like that would also mean that AJ Styles gets to immediately headline Wrestlemania, which is a risky move, but one that would surely create a lot more attention for the show.

With the way that things are going right now, WWE is going to have a very hard time breaking the Wrestlemania attendance record at the enormous palace known as the AT&T Stadium.

AJ Styles is finally about to join WWE, and fans will finally get to see how management decides to treat him.

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