Leah Messer And Jeremy Calvert Not Reuniting, ‘Teen Mom 2’ Stars In Separate Relationships

Leah Messer is constantly making headlines for one reason or another. The last year has been a rollercoaster ride for her and her children. From getting divorced from Jeremy Calvert to losing custody of her twins, Messer has been dealing with a lot. It seems she has finally been adjusting to having her girls only on the weekends. Messer is in a relationship with T.R. Dues, and it looks like she has moved on from ex-husband Jeremy Calvert.

Reports have been swirling that Leah Messer and Jeremy Calvert have been reuniting. In fact, there was one story that specifically noted the two were texting and that T.R. Dues had caught them. Messer is not interested in reconciling with Calvert, and while they could have been texting one another, it was likely about their daughter, Addie. According to the Ashley’s Reality Round Up, Leah Messer and Jeremy Calvert are both in separate relationships. The Teen Mom 2 stars have been seeing other people for months now. Messer has been with Dues for several months, and Calvert has been dating a girl named Brooke Wehr. The two have been on again and off again, although this time things are going well for the couple.

Last season on Teen Mom 2, fans watched as Leah Messer and Jeremy Calvert split up. It was rough to see the way life took a toll on their marriage. The couple seemed incredibly happy, but as time passed, Calvert was less and less tolerant of what Messer was dealing with. As things fell apart, so did Messer. There were several scenes where she looked incredibly out of it, almost out of touch with reality. Corey Simms filed paperwork to take Messer to court for custody of the girls, but that decision wasn’t made until after the season ended. It was a rough couple of months for Leah Messer, but she is ready to face things head on this time around.

In just one week, Leah Messer will be back in court to fight for her twin daughters to come home. It is unclear whether or not T.R. Dues will stand beside her, or if Jeremy Calvert may possibly show up in support of his ex-wife. According to Radar Online, Leah Messer lost the girls in October but may be able to get them back. Corey Simms won the case because of repeated absences from school and other factors. If Messer can prove a change will occur, she has a fair shot at bringing the girls back home. Of course, Simms believes they will remain in his custody. The hearing is scheduled for January 27, and both Messer and Simms are required to be present.

Despite rumors, Leah Messer and Jeremy Calvert are not going to be reconciling anytime soon. She may have found trouble with her new boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend, but there isn’t any bad blood with Calvert or his new girlfriend. In fact, the two are co-parenting quite nicely. There has been no drama between the two, and it looks like it will stay that way. Brooke Wehr is the new woman in Calvert’s life. Nothing has been said about how she gets along with Messer, but it is being assumed there is no drama there either.

The upcoming season of Teen Mom 2 will feature both Leah Messer and Jeremy Calvert. Right now, the parts that T.R. Dues and Brooke Wehr will play are up in the air, but many expect they will make appearances at least. Filming has not yet started for the new season, but it should begin shortly. Messer is focused on getting her life back on track and getting her girls back home, not winning over ex-husband Jeremy Calvert.

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