Jennifer Lopez Plastic Surgery Exposed?

It seems that Jennifer Lopez has gotten most of her work done over time so that the drastic changes in appearance don’t get noticed in everyday life. What was once deflated and sagging have had a bit of a professional perking up. And the famous Jennifer Lopez booty has now been balanced out.

According to the Inquisitr, Jennifer Lopez was also in the news lately as part of the Leah Remini/Tom Cruise controversy. It seems that Scientology wanted to recruit Jennifer Lopez, and Leah Remini was asked to bring her to the Cruise/Holmes wedding, even though Lopez did not know either party. Remini felt manipulated, and at the wedding, Jennifer Lopez was separated from Remini, and Scientology then tried to brainwash her into joining the religion/cult.

RadarOnline believes that Jennifer Lopez has gotten some serious breast work done recently. The 46-year-old was allegedly looking deflated, so she got a bit of help.

“She’s definitely had her breasts done and whoever did [it] should be congratulated for doing a fine job!” said New Jersey plastic surgeon Dr. Lyle M. Back, who has not treated Lopez.

According to surgeons, it is normal for a woman approaching 50 to need a bit of a lift.

“Pictures from the last couple of years showed that her breasts and butt were really deflated and saggy,” said Dr. Back. “That’s normal for a mother of her age with two kids.”

But it seems that Lopez has gotten more than a lift. She looks like she has gotten larger implants.

“It looks like somebody gave her a lift with silicone implants,” Dr. Back said. “She looks to be a D or DD now.”

Now that Jennifer Lopez is heading back into acting, she seems concerned about her appearance.

“She wants to look her best now, and believe me, she’s achieved it,” Dr. Back told Radar. “Her breasts are well shaped and match her prominent posterior, which also seems to have been given a nice lift.”

But unlike many actresses and singers, Jennifer Lopez has found a doctor that does really subtle work.

“Nothing about her is overdone,” he complimented her apparent procedures. “She looks as good now as she did 15 years ago. A lot of celebs should ask her for her doctor’s card.”

PopDust says that Jennifer Lopez has gone to a lot of effort to look natural. When one plastic surgeon claimed that Lopez had “many signs of plastic surgery,” Lopez fired back and denied it.

“Sorry Sir, but I have never had plastic surgery of any kind,” the 45-year-old fired back in response.

Lopez said she would never have plastic surgery, as she wouldn’t want her daughter to think it’s okay.

“Yeah, what is she gonna want to do, or how good is she gonna feel about herself? I hope to show her from example that you have to love yourself for who you are. And that doesn’t mean that you can’t do things to enhance yourself, like work out, or if somebody wants to get a nose job.”

So it seems that J-Lo is just one more celebrity who only believes in hard work.

“I don’t know. You can take a hard stance on things and then eat your words later. All I’m saying is, at the end of the day, you got to feel happy about who you are inside, and then you can make good choices for yourself.”

There are several slideshows of Jennifer Lopez over the years that document the difference in her appearance over the years.

Do you think Jennifer Lopez has had work over the years?

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