Lisa Vanderpump Says She Suffered Physical Abuse, Too, But Doesn’t Want To Relive It Like Eileen Davidson

On Tuesday night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Eileen Davidson shared a very emotional and personal trauma. Much to the other women’s surprise, Eileen revealed that she was once in a physically abusive relationship. Eileen sobbed as she talked about how the abuse was so bad that she had her nose broken, the police were called and that no one expected her, of all people, to be abused. Co-star Lisa Vanderpump looked shocked as Eileen talked about her dark past. As it turns out, Lisa herself has suffered physical abuse.

In her latest blog post, posted on Wednesday, Lisa said that she herself experienced abuse from an ex-boyfriend many years ago. Why didn’t Lisa tell Eileen and the other women that she knows first hand the pain that Eileen went through? Unlike Eileen, Lisa doesn’t want to relive that traumatic experience. Yet, Lisa made clear that she’s not judging Eileen, whom she thinks is “still haunted” from the abuse, for sharing her past. Lisa explained that she has moved on from her abuse.

“Eileen divulges a history of abuse, which surprised me as I was understanding that she was reserved in sharing her personal stories due to my experience with her. I am sorry she endured that… I have encountered abuse myself at the hands of an ex-boyfriend many years ago. It would seem redundant for me, personally, to relive that traumatic time. For what benefit? Maybe I am that person that can compartmentalize, lock it in a box, and throw away the key… I am not judging others who are still haunted by their experiences. “

Lisa Vanderpump added that she was lucky enough to have the resources and opportunity to leave the abusive relationship and learn her lesson. She also expressed gratitude for her husband, Ken Todd, who protects her rather than abuses her.

“I was fortunate to realize once was a mistake, twice was a lesson, a lesson that taught me well as a young girl that I didn’t deserve that and had the strength to walk away. Many don’t have the resources or opportunity to leave, and I am thankful to be in a loving, secure relationship with a man who is my protector, rather than aggressor.”

In her blog post, posted after Tuesday night’s episode, Eileen revealed that she was not in one but two physically abusive relationships. She pointed out that anyone, including an actress like her who portrays “strong” women on TV, can be a victim of abuse.

“Being ‘strong’ doesn’t mean you can’t find yourself in an abusive relationship. It can happen to anyone. I know, because I’ve been in two of them; once when I was a teenager, and again in my 20s. I know what it means to be in a place where your self-esteem is so low that you believe, maybe even subconsciously, that you deserve to be mistreated. Or maybe you are under a delusion that you can somehow change a troubled partner’s behavior with your love. Maybe people might say I don’t ‘look like’ or ‘seem like’ the kind of person that this could happen to. The truth is, there is no stereotypical victim.”

Eileen Davidson also revealed that she had only publicly talked about her physical abuse once before. As it turns out, it was during an interview with a magazine in reference to Nicole Brown Simpson, right after she was murdered. Eileen called it an “alarming cosmic sync-up” that on the very episode she talked about her domestic violence, the topic of Nicole’s murder and O.J. Simpson’s trial for it was later brought up.

“Turns out, I did an interview with a magazine about my history of domestic violence in reference to Nicole Brown Simpson, right after she was murdered. It’s too strange to be just a coincidence that her death was brought up again, decades later, in the very same episode that I chose to bring my past abuse to light.”

As it turns out, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills‘ newest housewife, Kathryn Edwards, who made her debut on Tuesday night’s episode, has a connection to O.J. Simpson and Nicole Brown Simpson. Kathryn and her then-husband, Marcus Allen, used to be friends with O.J. and Nicole. After Nicole’s murder, Faye Resnick wrote a book in which she claimed that Marcus had an affair with Nicole.

Kathryn was immediately reminded of the past when Lisa Rinna, minutes after seeing her for the first time in years, brought up O.J. Kyle Richards, who is now good friends with Faye, later asked Kathryn if she knows Faye. Kathryn maintained that Faye has never met her. In her interview, Kathryn criticized Faye for describing her in the book as a wife who ignores her husband’s infidelities. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Faye, as the episode aired, lashed out at the show for using Nicole’s murder as a story line.

One person whom viewers may see stick up for Kathryn Edwards as she battles Faye Resnick, and presumably her support person Kyle Richards, on next week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is Lisa Vanderpump. In her blog, Lisa called Kyle’s questioning of Kathryn “an inappropriate inquisition and scrutiny.”

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