‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Jason And Sam Connect, Elizabeth Gets Jake Help, And Andre’s Connection To Robert Is Revealed

General Hospital spoilers detail that Wednesday’s episode will have plenty of action related to Sam, Jason, and Elizabeth, while there are developments on the way for both Nina and Olivia, as well. Earlier this week, fans saw Sam encounter Liz at the Metro Court, and it made for an awkward moment. Where are things headed in the January 20 show?

She Knows Soaps indicates that Sam will connect with Jason in this episode and offer more of her help. Sam already provided some key assistance in finding the doctor who could share insight into how the fight between Nikolas and Jason really played out on the Metro Court terrace. Just what does Sam have in mind next in terms of help?


The General Hospital spoiler preview for Wednesday’s show reveals that Sam and Jason will be talking, and he will ask if someone has a vendetta against him. Sam appears to hesitate or shrug, and fans can certainly admit that this is a rather loaded question. Viewers will have to tune in to see where this conversation heads, but teasers have revealed that there are big “JaSam” moments coming very soon.

Jake has been exhibiting some concerning behavior and it is time for Elizabeth to get him some legitimate help. She is reaching out to Dr. Kevin Collins, and it seems that the good doctor will feel that Jake is not the only one who needs help. There is also buzz swirling that Collins will recommend that Jake do more work with Franco in terms of art therapy, which could make for an interesting partnership in the episodes to come.

Elsewhere in Port Charles, General Hospital spoilers from Celeb Dirty Laundry detail that the connection between Robert and Dr. Andre Maddox is about to become clear. Robert introduced Andre to Anna in Tuesday’s show, and it seems they will discuss how Maddox also does work as a criminal profiler and he has worked with Robert before. In this case, Robert thinks that Maddox could help them by profiling Carlos, and possibly Sabrina, to figure out where they might be.

It appears that there will be a bit of Carlos and Sabrina in this episode, as well. She is worried that Anna is closing in on them, and General Hospital spoilers detail that she will try to call back to Port Charles to check in on what’s happening. However, Carlos doesn’t like the idea, and things could be getting tense between these two.

Olivia and Mayor Lomax got into a heated debate during Tuesday’s episode about breastfeeding in public, and it seems this is going to escalate. Olivia is facing arrest over the battle, and it seems she will call Julian and ask him to pick up Leo as she sorts through the situation. General Hospital spoilers detail that in the midst of this Olivia will get some support from a prior adversary, and some suspect that Alexis may step up to support Olivia in this battle. There is a teaser about Nina in this episode too, as she gets a spark of creativity related to Crimson that has her bubbling with enthusiasm.

As the week continues, fans can look forward to a big memory flash for Jason. Will this finally be the spark he needs to pursue a reunion with Sam? Just who is stirring things up for Liz and Jake, and is there truly danger looming for them? Many suspect that Jake himself is behind these recent incidents, but it may take a bit yet for this to be fully flushed out. Viewers cannot wait to see what happens next as the drama continues on General Hospital.


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