Tori Spelling Being Sued For $38,000 Bill As Candy Spelling Reveals She Pays For Tori’s Necessities

Tori Spelling is having a few financial problems, which really isn’t shocking considering that her reality shows have all been canceled. Tori is getting an acting job here and there, but overall she isn’t working like she used to do, and this has to cause some issues.

Radar Online is now sharing that Tori is having so many financial problems that her husband, Dean McDermott, is trying to talk her into filing for bankruptcy. This all comes out after news broke that Tori and Dean owe $38,000 to American Express, and the company has actually filed a lawsuit against the couple to try to get the money from them.

A source is now revealing exactly why Tori and Dean are being sued for this $38,000 bill.

“American Express provided a loan to Tori out of a line of credit she had. The loan was needed because Tori and Dean had no money coming in last summer. She was hospitalized with burns on her arms, and was in pain for months.”

Tori and Dean have four young children at home, plus their children Liam and Stella are both going to private school. This can all get very expensive, but it is obviously important to them. The source shared that Tori Spelling won’t even talk to Dean about bankruptcy because she says it is not an option at all for them. They have one other thing that is causing the family a few issues financially as well. If you have watched their reality show, then you know that Tori has a lot of things in storage and honestly isn’t willing to get rid of them. This is making things even harder on the family, according to the source.

“But the monthly fees for the storage facility are extremely costly. If Tori doesn’t become current with the payments, the contents will be auctioned off. The family has no savings left.”

Tori and Dean recently moved out of their expensive mansion that they were renting and into a smaller place. They do move often, so this wasn’t surprising. They are hoping for another reality show, but it is starting to look like there is no way that is going to happen for them. The networks just aren’t interested in Tori and Dean anymore.

TMZ was able to catch up with Tori’s mom, Candy Spelling, and she actually shared a bit of information about Tori’s finances that everyone didn’t know. Candy shared that she pays for their necessities. Candy said that she actually pays for all of their bills, but she isn’t paying any back pay for extravagant things. Candy Spelling even shared that she pays for their house, the kids’ school, and even their food. Tori Spelling may not have received a huge cash settlement when her dad died, but the money he left Candy Spelling is now paying for her bills. She is very lucky to have this help that most people don’t have if they are hurting for money.

Tori does still do a few sponsored posts, as you can see above. That has to be bringing in a little bit of money for the family. It was also revealed recently that Tori will star in the new version of Mother, May I Sleep with Danger.

Are you shocked to hear that Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott are having so many financial issues? Are you surprised to hear that her mom, Candy Spelling, helps pay their bills? Sound off in the comments below with your thoughts.

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