WWE News: Eva Marie Talks Speaking With Triple H And Vince McMahon, Reacting To WWE Universe

In the last few months, WWE NXT diva Eva Marie has made strides in her wrestling career to get better and improve every day. When she first came to the main roster, she wasn’t a polished technician in the ring and it showed her inexperience in the industry. To no fault of her own, WWE officials wanted her out there because of her looks and the natural heat she gave off. Then, they gave her the microphone, but it didn’t help the matter.

Three seasons of Total Divas later, Marie is now a mainstay on WWE reality programming and was included in a big storyline on WWE NXT two months ago. Alongside Nia Jax, she faced off against Bayley for the NXT Women’s championship. During the match, both women made it seem like Marie was going to come away with the victory.

The producer of that match did a wonderful job of making it believable that anything could happen. Just like how wrestling should be done, they made it believable. Bayley retained her NXT Women’s championship, but that didn’t stop Eva Marie from making an impact. Last week on NXT, she almost won the battle royal, but Carmella stole the victory.

She’s not sitting in the back every night being lazy and waiting for her turn. Marie is working hard, trying to get better, and yearning for a shot a the main roster. In a recent interview FanSided.com, Eva Marie talked about her reaction to the WWE Universe and a conversation she had with Triple H and Vince McMahon.

“Now that I have the training behind me, I think that really shows I do have the skills and talent to become a well-rounded wrestler. I think it goes back to me asking Vince [McMahon] and Triple H on wanting to go back to NXT to hone my craft and learn the ropes. I feel extremely confident when I walk out there now and I embrace the boos and the craziness from the WWE and NXT Universe.

“At one of the live events somebody had a sign that said ‘If Eva Marie Is Here We Riot.’ I thought that was pretty cool. The crowd reaction is something that I definitely love. When I first started if I walked out from behind that curtain and heard a pin drop or deafening silence, then you have to look at switching something up. Now, I am embracing my heel character to the fullest.

“I don’t think I was brought up to soon. I mean, everything for me has come in so quickly. I got my developmental deal at the same time “Total Divas” was debuting. I was put in a position with an amazing opportunity and if anybody was given the same, you better take it and run. Did I have the wrestling training behind that?”

Eva Marie makes an excellent point, which is why she’s on the WWE Fast Lane promotional video that came out last week. There are negative aspects to her game in the ring and on the microphone. She still isn’t a wrestler who can put on a five-star match. Her microphone skills aren’t up there with Becky Lynch or Sasha Banks.

Like it was mentioned earlier, at least she’s trying to get better and improve as a WWE employee. Total Divas is opening up the non-wrestling world to Eva Marie. Best-case scenario, her spot on the show will bring in women that don’t watch the product and get a broader audience. It’s all about the money, remember?

She’s one of the best heels in WWE NXT without barely trying. That’s not to say she isn’t trying, but it’s almost effortless for some people to be big heels. As soon as her music hits, the WWE crowd groans and lets her hear it. Just like she said, she’s embracing it.

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