‘Married At First Sight’ Spoilers: Do Sam And Neil Make Their Marriage Work?

Season 3 of Married at First Sight is going strong and now everyone is curious who will make it last. Spoilers are coming out about Sam Role and Neil Bowlus, and things are looking pretty good for this couple. When they started on MAFS, this couple didn’t really look like they were going to make it work, but things have been improving over time. Starcasm shared a few hints that show that Sam and Neil could actually be in love and still married. That would be great news for fans of Sam and Neil.

There is a forum for the show where people talk about Sam and Neil. Someone even said that they spotted them out together recently. This is a really good sign. The couple are supposed to be staying out of sight, but being married and living life, that is kind of hard to do sometimes. Of course, the person who saw them didn’t take any pictures or anything, so you just have to believe them. Here is what was revealed about Sam and Neil.

“I saw Sam and Neal at IKEA last Saturday buying furniture in Atlanta. She had her hair pulled back and his beard was the same length it is now. They seemed quite comfortable and affectionate, but not giddy or silly.”

One thing that had people concerned was fans will see Sam and Neil fighting on the show, but Sam actually went to her Twitter to address this and wanted fans to know that doesn’t really mean anything. Sam is sharing her thoughts.

Sam Role also did an interview recently and even talked about how she doesn’t like the way that she treated Neil during the show. Sam wasn’t always nice to Neil and she knows that, but it is too late to change that now. It looks like watching herself on television, Sam has learned a lot about herself. Here is what Sam revealed in her interview.

“I was SO hard on Neil at first. It’s quite frustrating watching myself treat this amazing man so horribly. I understand everything happens for a reason, but there are times I want to punch that Sam right through the screen!”

Another thing that is being talked about is that in the footage of their decision day, Sam Role and Neil Bowlus are seen holding hands with each other. This could mean they are still together or just be about bonding with each other. Regardless, it is giving fans hope that Sam and Neil will make it work and are more than just friends at the end of the season.

Watching this season of Married At First Sight, it is very obvious that Sam and Neil are growing on each other. It has been rough for them from the start, but now they are starting to get to know each other better. The experts obviously think that they should be together, or they would not have matched Sam and Neil together. They have done great in the past, so maybe Sam and Neil are going to end up being a perfect match. It would be great for their love story to be a successful one.

Do you think that Sam Role and Neil Bowlus can make their relationship work? Will these two end up staying together? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don’t miss new episodes of Married At First Sight on Tuesday nights on FYI.

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