Chelsea Handler Fires Back At Heather McDonald Over Claims She ‘Lived In Fear’ While Working For Handler

Chelsea Handler has made a name for herself as a comedienne and talk show host. She hosted Chelsea Lately on the E! Network for several years. During her time hosting the show, Handler worked closely with Heather McDonald. The two often wrote together and sat at the table together during the show. Handler even befriended McDonald, and the two became close. Chelsea Lately ended last year, but that isn’t the end of things for Handler. She will be starring in another talk show exclusively for Netflix.

Just a few days ago, Chelsea Handler became the topic of a new podcast airing that Heather McDonald took part in. Several of the things talked about were leaked, including McDonald saying she “lived in fear” while working for Handler. That podcast aired earlier today, and now Handler has something to say. According to People, Chelsea Handler stopped being friends with Heather McDonald because she reportedly sold stories to some tabloids. While this has not been confirmed, Handler is standing behind how everything went down. She decided to cut her friendship with McDonald off once she found out she was selling stories about her. After that, Handler kept her on the payroll for four more years.

Apparently, Chelsea Handler was on to Heather McDonald long before anyone else was. While McDonald spent the entire podcast taking jabs at Handler, her former friend took the high road. Handler’s response was well thought out, even with all the accusations thrown out about her. When someone you know and are close to begins violating your privacy, you have to walk away. Because McDonald was good at her job, Handler kept her on. When Chelsea Lately ended, no one really knew it was coming. Handler was aware, but didn’t necessarily tell the staff. If they weren’t partner in the show, they were sort of blindsided.

According to TMZ, Chelsea Handler is really upset now. She did Jenny McCarthy’s radio show this morning and unleashed some serious wrath. Handler said that Heather McDonald “should really be scared” now. It looks like the feud between the former friends is going to heat up. Handler was good friends with McDonald when they both began working together on Chelsea Lately. They immediately bonded over being funny women, and their friendship lasted a while. At least that was the case until McDonald crossed Handler for a chance to get famous.

Heather McDonald opened up a can of worms with Chelsea Handler. This war of accusations and words didn’t have to go down like this. McDonald has been away from Handler for several months now. The two parted ways and haven’t spoken since. There is no rhyme or reason behind McDonald bringing up her time at Chelsea Lately, except to keep her name relevant. Handler is not one to mess with, and these accusations aren’t going over well with her.

This weekend is when Chelsea Handler’s Netflix show will begin airing. It is titled Chelsea Does, and will remind people of Chelsea Lately a little bit. Fans will be happy to know that Handler will be able to be seen on the small screen again. Her humor is something acquired, but she has garnered a lot of fans since beginning Chelsea Lately.

It is unfortunate that Chelsea Handler’s work ethics and character have been called into question by Heather McDonald. After watching her friendship with Handler disappear because of questionable acts, McDonald should have known better than to poke the bear. Now that everything is out in the open, it is game on. Chelsea Handler isn’t one many would want to take on and now that McDonald has provoked her, the wrath is coming.

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