Winter Is Coming To ‘Game Of Thrones’: Spoilers About Margaery’s Escape

Winter is coming to HBO’s Game of Thrones and as we hear more spoilers, we become more confused about what the future may hold for Margaery Tyrell (played by Natalie Dormer). She is currently promoting her new movie The Forest. During a recent interview with Vulture about her role in that film, she spoke about Season 6 of Game of Thrones. This is what she had to say about Margaery.

“And without giving too much away, in season six, you’re really going to see Margaery in a predicament where she genuinely is fearful, and she absolutely has no idea how to get herself out of it… You’re like, Has this woman really been changed by everything that’s happened to her? Finally, after all these years in King’s Landing, has it broken her? Has something genuinely shifted here? Because she’s out of her depth, finally, and losing her grip a bit.”

This much is easy to understand given that the last time we saw this character, she was dressed in a brown sack and in a dungeon, punished for perjury.

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Spoilers to follow. Stop reading now if you don’t wish to be spoiled.

Winter is Coming discusses how this conflicts with some of Dormer’s earlier comments about the new episodes of Game of Thrones.

In a previous spoiler from Winter is Coming, we learned that Margaery will be freed by Jaime and a Tyrell army. There have also been rumors that she is released into the custody of Tyrells because the High Sparrow has broken her and she is now his faithful follower. But Winter is Coming also cited her statement to Women’s Health a couple of months ago in which she called her character “savvy” and says that she comes up with an “ingenious and amusing way” to get out of that dungeon. But don’t these two statements contradict each other? She’s a broken faithful follower of the High Sparrow but she comes up with an ingenious way to escape? Maybe not. Maybe she’s faking it. Maybe she isn’t broken at all, but instead is as savvy as ever and pretends to be a humble follower of the High Sparrow in order to gain release from the dungeon.

As winter is coming to both the “real world” and the Game of Thrones world, what else do we know? Well, between the official poster for this season and some rumors, we’re pretty confident that Jon Snow is alive, resurrected perhaps. And perhaps by Melisandre, if International Business Times‘ suggestion that the teaser HBO released in December hints at this is true. There is a shot of Jon’s face and then you can hear Melisandre saying, “There’s power in you. Do you feel it?”

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And Christian Post recently reported that Tamar Hassan of NCIS will join the cast as a Dothraki tribe leader. By the sounds of it, he had a great time filming the new season. He told the folks at Winter is Coming,

“I loved it. I can’t say too much about it but I’m part of that. It was lovely, it was a great job. It was wonderful to be there. You’ll see me quite a bit, it’s exciting what you’re going to see…Learning that Dothraki language was a feat in itself… so I’ve given you a little bit but I’m not going to say too much!”

The return of Bran Stark has also been confirmed by several sources.

Winter is coming to Game of Thrones, and whatever we may or may not know, we’ll be glued to the TV when Season 6 premieres on HBO on April 24.

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