Liam Payne Smoking Weed With Juicy J? [Photos]

Liam Payne is apparently keeping himself plenty busy as One Direction takes a break this year. According to E! News, Payne has written a “Little Song.” He posted a short video of him singing away on Instagram.

It sounded sweet and the caption said it was all for fun.

“Little Song I wrote for fun yesterday.”

When One Direction announced they were taking a break, they assured fans it wasn’t the end of the group. A source close to the band has confirmed that they want to work together again, after they have a little time to themselves.

“They are great friends and fully support one another. They are very aware that they are able to work on their own stuff as well as remain together. This is an exciting time for them creatively and as a group.”

Liam Payne previously spoke about the band’s hiatus last month when speaking to Will Marfuggi at the Jingle Ball.

“I think the point of making the record to go on the break was to kind of give fans a thank you for this year, to wrap up what we’ve been doing for the last five years. It’s been great for us.”

Aside from his “Little Song,” it seems that Liam Payne has a gift for rapping. TMZ reports that Payne has been working in the studio with Juicy J, and those who have heard him at it say he is unbelievable. Apparently, he just does it freestyle and doesn’t need to write anything down.

Payne also is tending toward a Drake style of rapping, with a combination of singing and rapping. Juicy J posted a pic on Instagram showing Payne in the mix.

He is also seen making some music.

Unfortunately, along with recording some new music and extending his wings, it seems like Liam Payne might be smoking while hanging with Juicy J. The Sun reports that it is well known that Juicy J likes his weed, and is open about it. Now, photos of a video have surfaced that have captured Liam Payne smoking something while hanging out with Juicy J and his gang. According to a source, he could just be smoking regular tobacco, but he does have a reputation to uphold.

“Even though there’s no proof Liam was smoking any of the cannabis, it doesn’t look great on camera. He has millions of young fans around the world. Hanging around with someone openly taking drugs could be damaging for his reputation. Perhaps now 1D are going on an extended break he feels he doesn’t have to be quite so careful with his image.”

Liam Payne was a smoker, but in December he spoke with People, saying his New Year’s resolution was to give up smoking.

“I’m going to try and give up smoking, which is hard, but I do want to. I want to. It’s about time. Need to grow up now.”

Apparently, it’s harder than he thought if he is still smoking. Fans took to Twitter to tell Liam Payne exactly what they thought of the photos.

It’s true that Liam Payne, with his new buzz cut and rose tattoo, is taking the time to explore his own solo ambitions while One Direction is on a break.

Fans can only hope that while he turns out some amazing work – because he most certainly will – that he stays safe and drug-free in the process. Fans are looking forward to seeing what Liam Payne produces on his own!

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]

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