Jamie Foxx Saves Driver From Burning Car Crash

Jamie Foxx apparently handles his own stunts in real life. Hello Beautiful reports that the “Gold Digger” singer became a temporary superhero Monday night when he reportedly saved a compromised driver from a wrecked, burning car. Lucky for the driver, it seems, when he rolled and flipped his car, bursting it into flames, he did so in front of the home of Jamie Foxx.

This is because Jamie Foxx, 48, played the hero at approximately 8:30 p.m. PST, on January 18. When a vehicle unfamiliar to the actor, comedian and singer lost control on the wet roads, ultimately skidding into a ditch and rolling, Jamie Foxx sprung into action. TMZ reports that Foxx immediately contacted authorities via 911 emergency services when the accident came to an abrupt and fiery halt near the gate to the Jamie Foxx property in Hidden Valley. The normally serene residential suburb is just northeast of Los Angeles.

Jamie Foxx Wreck
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Following his 911 call, Jamie Foxx responded to the scene of the crash, which was in flames. Upon inspecting the scene, Foxx found the driver, the single occupant of the crashed and burning vehicle, strapped in and stuck amid the inferno. Rather than spare the minutes it would take waiting for emergency personnel to get to the scene, Jamie Foxx decided to take matters into his own hands.

First he broke the window and cut the seatbelt, then Fox removed the trapped driver, who was buckled into his seat and who had been flipped and rolled during the crash, from the burning vehicle. After getting the injured driver out of the burning car, Jamie Foxx continued his heroic rescue effort by dragging the man roughly 30 feet from the scene of the accident.

According to witnesses, Jamie Foxx told first responders that he intervened in the scene of the fiery crash because he feared that the vehicle, already in flames, would explode with the trapped driver still inside.

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Because Jamie Foxx contacted emergency personnel before his heroic rescue effort, they showed up at the scene of the accident not long after he’d dragged the driver to relative safety ten yards from his wrecked, burning vehicle.

Ultimately, that as-yet unidentified driver was transported by EMT’s to the hospital, where he is still being treated for “major” injuries, including burns — burns which may have been much more severe if not for the quick thinking of Jamie Foxx.

“Two witnesses that were near the collision scene ran to the burning, overturned truck in an attempt to free the driver.”

The driver of the wrecked, burning vehicle, saved by Jamie Foxx, was later arrested for driving while intoxicated, reports People.

This is the first “public” appearance that’s been made by Jamie Foxx since his appearance at the Golden Globe Awards just over a week ago. During the Golden Globes, Foxx served double duty. Not only did he present a Golden Globe Award, he had the added honor of joining his daughter, Corinne, at the gala. Corinne had the honor of being recognized as Miss Golden Globe at this year’s event.

Jamie Foxx has recently concluded filming of the touted upcoming movie, Sleepless Nights. The esteemed entertainer is next set to being work on Robin Hood: Origins, which is slated to get rolling in the next several weeks.

So far, no update has been given as to the condition of the driver of the wreck rescued by Foxx. Reportedly, though, he was well enough to be charged for his alleged crimes. Jamie Foxx himself has chosen to remain mum on the incident, declining to comment on his involvement in the accident and/or rescue. Jamie Foxx fans and followers can expect more coverage on the incident in coming days and weeks.

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