Cynthia Bailey Talks NeNe Leakes’ Comments About Her Kenya Moore Friendship

While the preview for the rest of Season 8 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta shows Cynthia Bailey in a bit of a bind between NeNe Leakes and Kenya Moore, it seems as if Cynthia was able to navigate the drama with both of her friendships intact. In her latest blog post, posted on Tuesday, Cynthia talked about NeNe calling out her out for calling Kenya her “girl.”

“Kenya is my girl and we are great friends. I don’t think NeNe was upset about this. I feel she was playfully giving me a hard time about my relationship with Kenya as friends do with one another. NeNe and I have not been friends for a couple of years, and I feel we are both reclaiming our place in each other’s lives. These are two different women and two different relationships. I respect them accordingly. They are both dear to my heart and mean the world to me. My goal is to be the greatest friend I can be to both of them. Keep the three of us in prayer.”

Cynthia also revealed that NeNe has, indeed, unblocked her on Twitter, and that they’re both following one another. Cynthia expressed confidence that NeNe won’t unblock or unfollow her again in the future.

NeNe made her first appearance of the season on Sunday night’s episode. She and her husband, Gregg Leakes, showed up to Cynthia’s house to catch up with her and her husband, Peter Thomas. The two women, who are friends again, made some jokes about the demise of their friendship and their feud, which viewers saw play out on the Season 6 reunion show and the last season. Cynthia reminded NeNe that she blocked her on Twitter, an act that NeNe laughed off and said that she’ll fix.

Cynthia caught NeNe up with what has been going on with the other women. When it came to Kenya, Cynthia called her “[her] girl.” NeNe immediately made clear that she doesn’t like hearing Cynthia referring to Kenya by that term.

“Oh really? Well I feel some kind of way with that term… I don’t think you guys are as close as we were though.”

Cynthia Bailey quickly declared that nothing can ever compare to her friendship with NeNe Leakes.

In her interview, NeNe said that Kenya Moore can’t replace her.

“Kenya, you couldn’t do it. You couldn’t do it! There would be no one who would be able to fill the shoes of NeNe Leakes with Cynthia. Bloop!”

At the Season 6 reunion show, Cynthia voiced her displeasure that NeNe had called Peter a “b***h” for getting involved in the women’s arguments. NeNe, believing that they had moved past that issue, was caught off guard. NeNe later went on Andy Cohen’s talk show, Watch What Happens Live, and said that she believes that Cynthia was just trying to drum up drama to secure her spot on the next season’s cast. When asked who she would fire from the show, NeNe said that Cynthia doesn’t really bring anything to the show. Their feud intensified on Season 7, where Cynthia even burned their “friend contract.” To many viewers’ surprise, NeNe and Cynthia reconciled after filming the last season.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Kenya Moore posted a negative tweet upon watching NeNe’s scene with Cynthia. Kenya apparently doesn’t believe that NeNe is being real with Cynthia.

The preview for the second half of Season 8 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta shows Kenya Moore getting upset after hearing Cynthia Bailey deny to NeNe Leakes that they’re “besties.” Kenya confronts Cynthia about denying their friendship. Kenya also tells a love interest that while she tries to build Cynthia up, NeNe only tries to tear her down.

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