‘The Flash’ Season 2 Adds A ‘Battlestar Galactica’ Fan Favorite, Plus Will Barry And Iris Finally Get Together?

Fans of The Flash can expect a few welcome surprises when the hit superhero drama returns to The CW following its mid-season break. Not only will a certain Battlestar Galactica alum be making his way to the series, but there are hints that Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) and Iris (Candice Patton) might finally get together.

Latinos Health is reporting that Aaron Douglas, who portrayed Galen Tyrol in Battlestar Galactica, is set to join The Flash in a special guest star appearance. Douglas will be playing the role of a villain named The Turtle.

In the comics, The Turtle utilized a variety of slow gimmicks to fight Flash. However, in the TV series, the character has actual powers and can slow down time to his advantage. This includes an ability to slow down Flash, which should definitely make things interesting when the two finally meet.

Carlos Valdes as Cisco on 'The Flash.' [Image via The Cw]
Carlos Valdes as Cisco on ‘The Flash.’ [Image via The CW]

In the coming installment, it is also going to reveal that Cisco (Carlos Valdes) has been tracking down the new villain for quite some time now. While everyone else on Team Flash already knows of his existence and Cisco’s efforts to catch him, Barry has been kept out of the loop.

“In a surprisingly funny twist, Cisco [Carlos Valdes] has actually been hunting The Turtle the entire series,” executive producer Andrew Kreisberg stated. “To Barry’s surprise, everybody knows about Cisco’s hunt for the great white whale, which is The Turtle; he’s the only one who didn’t know about it.”

At the same time, Kreisberg went on to reveal that the new episode would be particularly “emotional,” especially as Barry is trying his best to keep up with Zoom.

“We love the idea that there was a villain out there that they knew about, but they just haven’t bothered to tell the audience about yet,” he shared. “All Barry wants to do is get faster, because if he can get faster, he can take on Zoom. He’s going up against a villain who is literally slowing him down.”

At the same time, fans of The Flash can expect things to change between Barry and Iris. While the two have yet to go beyond the friend zone, the second half of the season will see things shift for the good. In fact, Kreisberg explained to TV Line that fans will be happy with the upcoming changes. Does this mean the two are finally going to get together?

Will Barry and Iris get together on 'The Flash'? [Image via The CW]
Will Barry and Iris get together on ‘The Flash’? [Image via The CW]

“Barry has a much bigger thing that he’s going to have to tell her coming up soon,” he revealed. “Things are going to change for them in a way that I think [is] going to make fans happy.”

The details concerning Barry’s secret are unknown. However, there is a possibility that Barry will learn something very important during his visit to Earth-2. Exactly what that entails is still unclear, but whatever the secret turns out to be, it is significant enough for Barry to have to break down and tell Iris.

More than likely, the big secret will have something to do with Iris’ future or her counterpart in the other world. Either way, this is definitely something that fans are going to have to keep an eye on when the series returns.

Meanwhile, Movie News Guide is reporting that Iris and her new supervisor, Scott Evans (Tone Bell), might have a romance in the works. Although Scott does not approve of Iris’ relationship with Flash, fans can expect some sparks to fly between the two characters. Will this get in the way of Iris getting together with Barry?

The second season of The Flash is set to continue on The CW.

Tell us! Do you think there is a chance for Barry and Iris on The Flash? Let us know and check out a preview of the next all-new episode below.


[Image via The CW]

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