WWE Rumors: NXT Talent Blasted On Twitter By Main Roster Stars – Shoot Or Work?

NXT has situated itself as its own brand and really isn’t seen as “just” developmental for WWE anymore. Still, everyone needs to know their role in the world or professional wrestling and pay their dues. Bronson Matthews is the most recent winner of Tough Enough, and he decided to get on Twitter and poke fun at the Social Outcasts, who were on Monday Night Raw, and WWE main roster talents blasted him for it.

The first question remains: Is this a work or a shoot?

Last night on Raw, Heath Slater of the Social Outcasts had the task of taking on Big Show in a one-on-one match. As recapped by WWE.com, Big Show made quick work of Slater and then proceeded to dismantle the entire crew of Social Outcasts.

After the match, Show also knocked out Curtis Axel and Adam Rose before surprising Bo Dallas with a WMD punch of his own.

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As WrestleZone reported, things then got started when Josh Bredl, who is now known as Bronson Matthews in NXT, hopped on Twitter during Raw. Matthews tweeted out the following in regard to the Social Outcasts group.

“Yup.. I like it..


The tweet has since been deleted, but it mirrors what many fans have said in that the group reminds them of The J.O.B. Squad faction from the late ’90s. Al Snow led a team of supposed jobbers that included The Blue Meanie, Scorpio, Hardcore Holly, and Gillberg.

Still, the comments by Matthews weren’t met with great support, as former NXT champion and current WWE main roster star Kevin Owens jumped in.

NXT star Bull Dempsey then jumped in on things and responded with a tweet of his own that has also since been deleted.

@FightOwensFight @BronsonWWE Kev, the kid has to get a reaction somehow. Might as well be by words cause we know it’ll never be in the ring!

— Bull Dempsey (@BullDempseyWWE) January 19, 2016″

From there, Kevin Owens tweeted again and said that he simply decided to block Bronson Matthews from his Twitter account. Matthews tweeted back with a screenshot of how he was blocked by Owens and simply stated “#LOL” to go with it.

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Other deleted tweets by Dempsey went on to say that he spent three months in class with Bronson Matthews and stood up for him when no one else did. He questioned why Matthews was trying to bury people who “paved the way for you AND me.” Dempsey spoke on how the place was different before either one of them were there.

That was when Stardust jumped in on things and decided to speak his mind on Twitter regarding Matthews’ comments about the Social Outcasts.

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Bronson Matthews ended things with a simple tweet that said nothing more than “Yikes,” and it seemed to finish up at that point.

Josh Bredl won Tough Enough near the end of the summer, and it was just at the beginning of December that he was given his new NXT name of Bronson Matthews. Bredl won the WWE reality show alongside Sara Lee, the female winner.

As of now, this doesn’t look to be anything that WWE is doing as a work at all. It’s a total shoot and will likely develop into nothing in NXT or WWE and is merely some veterans speaking against a rookie who got a bit too big for his britches, according to Cageside Seats.

Bronson Matthews refers to himself as “BIG ACTION,” but he was no more than a lot of talk on Twitter last night after Monday Night Raw. The NXT talent spoke out against the Social Outcasts and had Kevin Owens, Bull Dempsey, and Stardust on him in no time, so he had better think longer before he tweets.

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