‘Teen Mom’ Takes Credit For Changing World As Kailyn Lowry Has Butt Lift Plastic Surgery & ‘Teen Mom UK’ Debuts

Has the reality TV show Teen Mom changed the world? That’s what some members of the cast believe, and those Teen Mom stars are supported by recent statistics on teen pregnancies, reported MTV News.

Even the mother of one cast member, Farrah Abraham, believes it’s true. The occasion for Debra to declare her belief in the benefits of Teen Mom came when her daughter got an “un-invite” to a Hamptons white party, blaming her role on Teen Mom for the humiliation.

“I think the work you have done on the show has changed the world,” declared Farrah’s mother loyally.

Has Farrah Abraham, 'Teen Mom' reality star, helped to change the world?
Has Farrah Abraham, ‘Teen Mom’ reality star, helped to change the world? [Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images]
The cast of Teen Mom has emphasized that they hope their audience learns from what the show reveals about the lives of teen mothers. And that hope has come to fruition, according to research indicating that both Teen Mom and 16 and Pregnant caused a major reduction in teenage pregnancies.

Since Teen Mom debuted in 2009, birth rates have decreased by 36 percent. Cast members have been candid about key topics such as birth control and the responsibilities of parenthood. For example, Catelynn chose a Mirena IUD following the birth of Carly, then opted for the ParaGardIUD following the arrival of Nova.

The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy conducted a survey that revealed nearly 80 percent of teens who watched Teen Mom believe that it assists them in comprehending what’s involved in having a baby, from pregnancy to parenthood. In addition, 75 percent of teens revealed that seeing a show discuss pregnancy among teens causes them to reflect on how to avoid that situation in their own lives.

Studies show how "Teen Mom" cast members such as Farrah Abraham have helped teens.
Studies show how “Teen Mom” cast members such as Farrah Abraham have helped teens. [Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images for GBK]

‘Teen Mom’ Creates Celebrities

But Teen Mom also turns its young cast members into stars, with their every action on display for the world. Most recently, Teen Mom 2 cast member Kailyn Lowry headed off to Dr. Michael Salzhauer,and every aspect of her plastic surgery was publicized, reported Cosmopolitan.

Among her procedures were a “Brazilian Butt Lift,” tummy tuck, and neck liposuction. The butt lift results from fat that has been sucked from the arms and legs being injected into the derriere.

The photos were shared on Instagram, with a caption that described it as a makeover for moms.

“Kail getting the mommy makeover my dr.miami! #drmiami #kailynlowry #teenmom2.”

‘Teen Mom’ Gets British Twist

Get ready, England! "Teen Mom UK" is coming your way.
Get ready, England! ‘Teen Mom UK’ is coming your way. [Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images]
From the United States to the United Kingdom? Teen Mom is ready to see how it does with a British accent, according to Us Weekly.

The British twist on Teen Mom will debut in autumn from MTV. The MTV UK managing director revealed how the overseas channel has succeeded in the past in taking shows that were popular in the United States and re-positioning them to please UK viewers.

“MTV UK has a great track record of re-versioning hit shows from our sister channel in the U.S. — we turned Jersey Shore into Geordie Shore and smashed ratings records in the process,” explained MTV UK managing director Jill Offman. “We’ll use this expertise to give Teen Mom a fresh lease of life, combined with a unique British twist, which we’re confident will have massive appeal to local audiences.”

While the British version of Teen Mom will be broadcast by MTV UK, Fiona O’Sullivan of True North Productions revealed how her company will contribute.

“True North is delighted to be entrusted with making the U.K. version of Teen Mom,” shared Fiona. “We’ve have a long and fruitful relationship with MTV and have had previous success working together, so we look forward to getting to work on this project to make more ‘appointment to view’ TV.”

The United States version of Teen Mom, debuting in 2009, originated as a spin-off to 16 And Pregnant. It survived for four seasons. In 2011, Teen Mom 2 premiered with Jenelle Evans, Kailyn Lowry, Leah Calvert and Chelsea Houska. Subsequently, last year, Teen Mom OG brought back the show’s first cast, including Farrah Abraham, Maci Bookout, Catelynn Lowell, and Amber Portwood.

[Photo by David Becker/Getty Images]

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