‘Legends Of Tomorrow’ Showrunner Phil Klemmer Discusses Other Planets, Timelines, And White Canary Vs Black Canary

Legends of Tomorrow is almost here, but naturally questions still remain, and some will likely not be answered until the CW premiere later this week. DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is so far known as a time-traveling show, but Comicbook reports that showrunner Phil Klemmer says the crew of The Atom, White Canary, Captain Cold, Heatwave, Hawkman and Hawkgirl, Firestorm, and Rip Hunter won’t be exploring other worlds…this season.

In The Flash, fans were introduced to Earth-2 and the idea that there are parallel worlds, but Klemmer said Legends of Tomorrow viewers won’t be treated those parallel planes of existence.

“No, that’s their purview. If we travel between planets, they will be actual planetary bodies and not metaphysical versions of Earth. I think time travel alone is enough to tax our puny, humanist brains, so multiple Earths is more than we can handle.”

The Singularity in The Flash season 2
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Apparently, parallel Earths are for The Flash and Arrow. Then again, fans know better than to take Phil Klemmer or any other of the Legends of Tomorrow staff at their word, as they oft have to not tell the truth to keep from giving away exciting spoilers. Klemmer did answer the question of where in time and space Rip Hunter’s Legends crew will be heading to in Legends of Tomorrow season 1.

“Our season, the Earth is in such dire jeopardy that for us to sort of take it upon ourselves to start being the galactic police is probably more than we can handle. Yeah. It’s not just about time travel. It’s really sort of focusing on the, you know, historical events of the 20th century. We’re not going to be going back and seeing dinosaurs and Roman gladiators and that stuff – we’re really focusing on 20th century – I mean, you know, not yet.”

Though there are other interesting things to be discussed that will appear in DC’s Legends of Tomorrow like the characters within. The Inquisitr recently discussed the new Firestorm, who fans were only introduced to briefly in The Flash. Canary, now White Canary, was resurrected and only appeared in one episode of Arrow. So, there are certainly many questions to be had, but Phil Klemmer discussed the most basic one of what its like to work with the newly crowned White Canary versus Black Canary.

White and Black Canary
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“I always get nervous. I feel when Sara has a send-off from her sister in our pilot — each of our characters sort of goes to the person; their one sort of touchstone — they go to the person who’s their emotional sounding board, and her moment is obviously with her sister. When everybody leaves on the Waverider and they travel in time, I think the presumption is that they might not be returning or may not be successful in this. It’s heavy. It’s like going off to war. So, when her sister says goodbye, I think she wants Sara to live in the light, and to find a purpose. I think she’s moved beyond the League of Assassins, and she’s trying to find a way of living in the world that doesn’t involve cutting people’s throats.”

Captain Cold and Heatwave will also will be seen in a different light, what with them acting like heroes instead of the villains they have been for the past year or so. No word on the Citizen Cold front, but in the Legends of Tomorrow trailer, it does show Leonard Snart( Captain Cold) is shown in a certain time with an unknown child. Dramas breed forgotten children, certainly, but it is a safe bet that it could be him seeing himself as a child.

[Image Via DC’s Legends of Tomorrow 2016 trailer| Courtesy Of CW |Cropped and Resized]

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