‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: John Meets His Dangerous Mother

Days of Our Lives spoilers for the week reveal that after decades of searching, John Black will finally meet his birthmother. The woman’s name is Maude, and although John has thought he’d found his family in the past, Maude seems to be the real deal.

According to the Christian Post, Days of Our Lives viewers won’t see a happy, tearful reunion between John Black and his mother, Maude, but they might finally get some answers about John’s past.

Maude will reportedly tell John about his birth, even reveal that she knows about his birthmark, and offer her son an explanation about why she gave him up. Will John finally get the answers he is so desperately seeking?

days of our lives john black meets his mother.
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Days of Our Lives fans will watch as John and Maude sit down together for a real talk, where John will learn secrets and information about his past that he never knew before. However, things will take a very serious, and possibly deadly, turn when Maude offers John some tea and slips him some poison!

Why would Maude want to kill her son? What does she know about John Black that could make her want him dead? Fortunately for John, he’s trained in such situations, and Days of Our Lives fans will see him in action.

John will smell the drugs in the beverage and fake taking a drink. He’ll also fake passing out to try to get to the bottom of what Maude and her accomplice are up to. Then John will spring in to action, pull out a gun, and knock out Maude’s helper. Will John only then get the real answers he’s been seeking from his birth mother, or will he be forced to take drastic measures to keep himself alive and get the information he’s been searching for most of his life?

Meanwhile, Days of Our Lives fans can expect to see even more drama this week in Salem. Maggie will reportedly be shocked when she finds out that Victor has a brother, and learns the stunning truth about her husband’s relationship with Demios.

It seems that Victor framed Deimos for murder, which put him behind bars for a very long time. Now Deimos is back, claiming that he doesn’t want revenge, but just a shot at life, which starts with Victor giving him a job at Titan. Will Vic give his brother what he’s asking for, or be suspicious of his motives? Days of Our Lives fans are thinking that Demios has a bigger plan in mind for the man who ruined his life.

Days of Our Lives: Shawn and Belle face to face again.
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Shawn Brady will return to Salem at the request of his daughter, Claire, and will find himself in a familiar situation with his estranged wife, Belle, who has grown close with her ex-husband, Philip Kiriakis, again. It looks like some things never change for Shawn. He still loves Belle, but Belle can never seem to make up her mind about what guy she wants in her life. DOOL fans are hoping for some great scenes between former best friends Shawn and Philip as they fight for Belle’s affections.

Days of Our Lives fans can also expect more interaction between Steve and Ava. Now that Steve knows that Ava was the one who was helping Joey get he and Kayla back together he has more than a few questions for Ms. Vitali. Meanwhile, viewers know that Ava has Kayla and are on the edge of their seats wondering what this situation will play out to be. Will Steve take off and look for the son Ava claims they share together, or will he finally forget about Ava and focus on finding Kayla?

What are your thoughts on the latest Days of Our Lives spoilers?

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