Woman Lifts Up Her Toilet Lid And Finds The Stuff Of Nightmares Lurking Inside

Toilets by definition are not pleasant places, but one unfortunate lady now lives in fear of her lavatory after finding the stuff of nightmares lurking inside her toilet bowl.

When Swedish woman Susanne Eliasson, 55 turned in for the evening, she was confident of a good night’s rest. Yet instead of rising with the dawn, fresh, full of beans, and vigorous with the vitality needed to face another day, she found herself stranded in an early hour limbo, wired, half-crazed, and jumping at shadows after enduring a night brutally salvaged from the gaping jaws of hell.

You see, the poor woman’s slumber was interrupted by something so vile and horrific, it would make medicine sick — and it came from the darkest depths of her toilet bowl.

The Mirror reports that when Ms Eliasson woke up at midnight with a full bladder, she went into the toilet to relieve herself, only to find, much to her horror, a loud splashing noise coming from inside her toilet.

Feeling like an actor in some bizarre horror film, Ms Eliasson wanted to flee the scene because she knew ‘something alive’ had set up camp in the porcelain sanctuary of her toilet, but a devilish compulsion made her lift the lid.

And by God was that a mistake! For lurking inside like some Leviathan of a deep was none other than a live rat, who thug-like in all its repellant arrogance, was strutting around in her toilet bowl and trying to invade Ms Eliasson’s inner sanctum.

Rat In Toilet
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A frantic Ms Eliasson reached for the power flush in a desperate bid to send this toxic monster back from whatever sewerage riddled corner it crawled from, but to no avail, the tenacious tyke refused to go gently into that good night.

Instead the rat glowered and glared at the petrified homeowner, who was now at her wit’s end.

However, extreme circumstances call for extreme measures, and throwing caution to the wind, Ms Eliasson had the presence of mind, and fortitude of spirit, to quickly take a picture of the rat, (for social media purposes you understand) before grabbing it with a cloth, putting it in a bucket and throwing it out of the windows into the dark Gothenburg night.

Ms Eliasson confessed how freaked out she was that the rat was attempting to stage a home invasion, but knew she had to lift the lid and find out what was dwelling in her bowl.

“I guessed it must be a snake or a rat, and when I spotted it I knew I had to take a picture, otherwise no one would have believed me.

“I was a bit freaked out about the fact it was trying desperately to scramble into my bathroom.”

Cold weather is renowned for driving rats underground and into the sewer system; from there they can get into pipes and use their sharp claws to climb up through toilets.

Rats are extremely powerful swimmers who can wade through water for three days solid and swim underwater for three minutes.

Sewer systems provide a veritable banquet for this unfussy eaters, who will live of the odd pet goldfish and the undigested food found in human faeces.

If you find a rat in your toilet, a good power flush will usually persuade it to swim back into the drainage system, but sometimes, as in Ms Eliasson’s case, the cheeky little chaps dig their heels in and prepare to fight for their rights to be verminous little upstarts.

And the moral of the story is? If you don’t want the rats to rule the roost, make sure you keep a lid on it. Capiche?

Rat In Toilet
(Photo Illustration by Christof Koepsel/Getty Images)

(Photo by Three Lions/Getty Images)

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