Gigi Hadid, Liam Payne, Kendall Jenner Are All Pulling Together To Reunite Zayn Malik And One Direction

Oh, the excitement! Hot on the heels of Liam Payne announcing to reporters that he would consider welcoming Zayn Malik back to One Direction, as reported by Daily Mail, Gigi Hadid has apparently started putting pressure on beau Zayn Malik to play nice with the 1D boys, according to Hollywood Life.

Gigi is even reportedly asking Zayn to “apologize” to the One Direction guys after he dissed them a couple of times in interviews with Fader and Billboard, and got caught up in a Twitter feud with Louis Tomlinson in the aftermath of his departure from One Direction. There was also that tweet Zayn sent soon after leaving the group, in which he expressed his joy that he will now be able to make “real music.”

Harry Styles was rumored to be especially mad about how Zayn left the group abruptly in the middle of the One Direction OTRA world tour, and the fact that the Bradford bad boy went on to make so many scandalous remarks. 1D manager Simon Cowell even stepped forward blasting Malik as “rude.”

Will Zayn say sorry if Gigi asks nicely? While the sexy supermodel undoubtedly has ample powers of persuasion in her arsenal of people skills, it’s hard to imagine rebellious Zayn taking his words back and apologizing. As Zayn’s manager Sarah Stennett told Billboard,

“[Zayn is] incredibly sensitive, but also very alpha.”

Good thing Kendall Jenner has reportedly also decided to pull for the reformation team. With Harry Styles and Zayn Malik now rumored to be the original 1D members who dislike each other the most, it’s a happy coincidence that their partners Kendall and Gigi are best buddies who see each other all the time on the catwalk and at fashion industry after parties. Will the supermodel BFFs plot the reformation of the world’s biggest band as their hair is being set and their bodies oiled backstage at Balmain?

Hollywood Life is even reporting that Gigi and Kendall have “a secret plan” to reunite Zayn and Harry — the girls will organise a double date and make sure both their partners come along.

Will Zayn and Harry be informed before the meetup that the other man is going to be present?

Hopefully the guys are not googling themselves and reading Hollywood Life articles or they may already be privy to their girlfriends’ now-not-so-secret plan. It’s easy to imagine deep-thinking Harry, in particular, doing a quick Twitter-search every time Kendall invites him out to check if Zayn and Gigi are in town.

In other Zayn news, the ex-1D hottie took to Instagram and Twitter today to post a cryptic message that suggests we may be seeing something new from him soon.

“Setting trends,” wrote Zayn, shortly after he posted a shot of himself wearing a cap and sporting the thick, well-trimmed beard he has had most days since he ended his mostly-clean-shaven time in One Direction.

Did the British star step out today in an unusual ensemble? Perhaps girlfriend Gigi Hadid’s high-fashion lifestyle is rubbing off on Zayn and he has decided to experiment with trendy new looks.

More likely, the crooner is referring to his sound and solo material. When Justin Bieber teamed up with Skrillex and introduced tropical house elements into his 2015 sound, taking those EDM elements mainstream, he was hailed for his trendsetting and for introducing the sound to a whole new cohort of listeners, as well as endearing himself to people who previously would have run a mile from Justin Bieber.

Zayn was once quoted as saying he would like to follow a template similar to Justin’s. Sugarscape reported on Zayn’s work with producer Raymond Angry two days ago, when Zayn previewed a snippet of a new track.

The sound has a haunting, American-gothic quality to it — a dusty fiddle plays over soft electronica strains. The notes are eked out plaintively and almost painfully, evoking a cavernous space, perhaps a street in an American ghost town, or a patch of desert tundra.

Digital manipulations bring the sound into 2016 without filing away the personality and the unique timbre of a violincello. Zayn and Ray Angry appear to be aiming for a balance between slick electronica and the charm of acoustic instrumentation, and are being careful not to “overproduce” the tracks in a boyband-ish fashion.

Do you like Zayn Malik’s new sound? Should he make amends with One Direction?

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