Olivia Caridi: This Season’s ‘Bachelor’ Villain Could Be Dark Horse Contender To Become Next ‘Bachelorette’

Olivia Caridi is right now best known as The Bachelor villain with the wonky toes, but if she continues to gain support and make an impression on viewers, she could be headed for something much bigger — a spot as the next Bachelorette.

[WARNING: Bachelor spoilers ahead]

Caridi is one of the suitors for Ben Higgins on this season’s edition of The Bachelor. While all indications point toward an early exit for her, the impression she has made could leave ABC wanting more.

Just a few weeks into the new season, Olivia Caridi has already staked her place as the main villain of The Bachelor in 2016. Her forward nature and aggressiveness with Ben Higgins have earned her the scorn of fellow contestants; this week the other ladies even made fun of Caridi’s “fat toes” after she stole Ben away during the group date.

As WetPaint explained, many of the girls jumped in on the hate train.

“Amber James kicked things off, quietly muttering about her “fat toes.” We might have missed that, except then troublemaker Lace Morris went and repeated the insulting out loud. Jeesh, girl!

“At first it seemed like Emily/Haley Ferguson (we can’t tell the difference between the twins) was going to shame her fellow contestants for being so catty — until she turned around and did the same, dissing her breath and calling her boobs fake.”

Olivia Caridi has been in the crosshairs before the show hit the air. Back in October of 2015, just after the show started filming, rumors emerged that Caridi was only on the show to boost her own career. A report from the blog Ok! Here is the Situation claimed that Olivia actually has a boyfriend back home.

“She is opportunistic, she is fake, and she is only on The Bachelor for fame,” a source said at the time. “Olivia has been giving the impression to her castmates that she is Christian like Ben, but I heard she is an Atheist. It is just another ploy to get his attention.”

But, Olivia Caridi also has plenty of good qualities, at least, that make for good television viewing. While she does stir up a lot of drama, she also backs it up with plenty of confidence, which was on display this week when she caught wind of the other girls’ insults.

“Am I aggressive? Yeah,” she said. “Do I have bad toes? Yeah. I know I do.”

Ben is certainly high on Olivia Caridi, as well. While spoilers indicate that she doesn’t end up getting a final rose, Olivia did seem to make a big impression on this year’s Bachelor.

In an interview with Parade, Higgins said he was impressed that she was willing to give up her television job in Austin to appear on The Bachelor.

“She is classy. She is confident. She spoke openly about what her desires were. She gave up a lot to be in this experience. She gave up her job. I thought it was really nice to hear her speak about what her intentions were, so I gave her the rose.”

Olivia Caridi’s main identification as a villain could end up helping her in the long run. The direction of the upcoming Bachelorette contestant is still very much in the air, and Olivia could emerge as a strong candidate. While there are indications that ABC is interested in picking the first non-white contestant, there could always be a place for a polarizing contestant good at making headlines.

As ABC found out during Juan Pablo’s season of The Bachelor, sometimes the controversial contestants make the most entertaining seasons. It could be good news for Olivia Caridi.

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