Jax Taylor’s Girlfriend Brittany Cartwright Says Lala Kent Came On To Jax Via Text

Brittany Cartwright seems to be standing by her man. As the latest episode of Vanderpump Rules aired on Monday night, Brittany posted a tweet in which she reminded everyone to watch Jax Taylor, her “honey,” during his live appearance on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live.

Brittany’s tweet pretty much unanimously received negative comments from viewers. They told her that she’s being “stupid” to still believe that Jax has, and will be, faithful to her. Viewers told her how sorry they were to watch her being lied to and that it may be best for her to go back to Kentucky.

In between filming Watch What Happens Live, Jax defended himself and explained his version of what happened with Lala Kent on Twitter. In one tweet, Jax pretty much admitted that he did tell Lala that he will have sex with her but explained that he said that and behaved flirtatiously with her only to make his rival, James Kennedy, mad. Jax maintained that he had no intention of having sex with Lala.

Jax later tweeted that Brittany knows everything and that they’re great. He reiterated that he only told Lala that he wanted to sleep with her so that it would get back to James, which it did.

In an After Show episode that aired on Monday, Brittany pointed out that Jax and Lala never did have sex with one another. Brittany also claimed that Lala came on to Jax but got ignored.

“And she straight up told me that she had texted him a few times and he would never reply…so it doesn’t really make sense to me…She was texting him stuff like, ‘I wish you were in my bed’ and stuff like that…She straight up told me and he told me and she apologized and stuff.”

As for how she feels about Lala now, Brittany said that she’s cordial to her.

“We’ve gotten past a lot of that stuff. I mean she apologized to me over texting him. Yeah, she apologized over a lot of things. We don’t hang out like how I hang out with Katie, Scheana and Kristen, I don’t hang out with her like that or anything, but if I see her I’m nice to her.”

On Monday night’s episode of Vanderpump Rules, during the group’s vacation in Hawaii, Lala told Brittany that Jax, during a night out with her, Scheana Marie and Kristen Doute, whispered to her that he will sleep with her. Brittany confronted Jax about it. After he repeatedly denied it, Brittany called Lala over, who maintained that she was telling the truth. Jax continued to deny ever saying such a thing. Scheana was then asked about it. Thankfully, for Jax, Scheana told Brittany that she didn’t hear Jax say that, but that he was wiggling around in his seat. In her interview, Scheana admitted that she likes Brittany and doesn’t want to see her and Jax break up so she covered for him.

A clip from that night out showed Jax telling Lala, in front of Kristen and Scheana, that he wanted to have sex with her.

“I wanna f*** you in front of these two right here.”

As the latest episode of Vanderpump Rules aired, Lala criticized Jax. She reminded him that no one controls her.

She also said that talking to Jax can be like talking to a 3-year-old.

As for her claim, Lala pointed out that it was all captured on camera.

Despite the flirting with Lala Kent, Brittany Cartwright still seems to be in love with Jax Taylor. Last Friday, Jax and Brittany hung out at SUR. Jax posted a photo of Brittany showing him lots of affection. Brittany ret-weeted the photo.

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