WWE News: Huge Handicap Match Between Brock Lesnar And Wyatt Family At ‘WrestleMania 32?’

Tonight, on Monday Night Raw, the WWE did something that got the entire WWE Universe thinking. Chris Jericho hosted his famous talk show, the Highlight Reel, and he and Paul Heyman engaged in an entertaining exchange. Both men presented their case as to who will win the Royal Rumble match. Before Jericho and Heyman went on too long, Brock Lesnar entered the fray and just as he was about to enter the ring, Roman Reigns’ music hit.

The WWE World Heavyweight champion immediately set his sights toward Lesnar and speared him as soon as he hit the ring. If that wasn’t enough to shock the fans in attendance, the League of Nations came out to impose their force. They got a few shots on Lesnar and Reigns, while Lesnar got up and cleaned house of the League of Nations.

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Reigns got back up and speared Lesnar, for the second time. Just before Reigns was about to stand tall at the end of WWE Raw, the Wyatt Family appeared and demolished Reigns and Lesnar. The show ended with Bray Wyatt and his followers standing tall above the top-two contenders, including the WWE championship.

WWE fans on social media were perplexed by the fact that the Wyatt Family targeted Brock Lesnar in the final segment. Was this a sign of things to come? According to Daily Wrestling News, Brock Lesnar and the Wyatt Family may feud until WrestleMania 32 and be involved in a huge match.

“This does not mean that Lesnar won’t be involved in the WWE World Heavyweight Title picture but if he isn’t, the ideas pitched had Lesnar working against Wyatt in a singles match, a singles match against Braun Strowman or a handicap match against the group with Erick Rowan and Luke Harper.

“It’s always possible Rumble plans change, leading to Fastlane plans changing, or they have The Rock cost Lesnar the match to set up their potential WrestleMania match, but there was definitely talk of having The Wyatts cost Lesnar the title at some point.”

The report also talked about the idea of Lesnar and Wyatt working a match together, as was discussed in November. However, the injuries changed most of WWE’s bookings heading into WrestleMania season, and things were shifted. Would a Bray Wyatt vs. Brock Lesnar match at WrestleMania work? It’d certainly be something different that the fans aren’t expecting.

There were talks of potentially bringing Lesnar in for WWE TLC but that ultimately did not happen. [Image via WWE]
There were talks of potentially bringing Lesnar in for WWE TLC but it ultimately did not happen. [Image via WWE]
WWE fans always clamor for something different, too. Lesnar and Heyman would get into great conversation against the eloquent Wyatt. In fact, the two never met before in a singles’ match. Vince Russo, who seems to comment on nearly everything WWE-related, talked about Lesnar laying out Roman Reigns recently.

“What is the first thing Lesnar does? He drops Roman Reigns with an F5. One guy, dead in the middle of the ring. You built him for weeks, and you don’t have him at the level where Brock Lesnar can drop him with an F5, because Brock Lesnar is already over. Some people are going to cheer Lesnar doing that,” Russo said.

Reigns also commented about not getting their own guys over, as he was alluding to the WWE champion. Russo mentioned the New Japan Pro Wrestling guys won’t get over, as well. However, they haven’t debuted yet and the Royal Rumble is this Sunday. Will Triple H or Reigns encapsulate a predictable ending to the Rumble match? For every WWE fans’ sanity, I hope not.

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