Kitty Gets Catnip Fix After Breaking Into Pet Store: Viral Video Shows Stoner Cat’s Drug Binge

Some cats will do anything to get their catnip fix, including escaping their owners and breaking into the local pet store to roll around on top of a pile of catnip toys. One cat recently did just that, and the nice humans who found the regular Tony Meow-tana didn’t immediately send him to kitty rehab to get help. Instead, they decided to amuse the internet by filming the feline’s drug binge.

According to the Daily Mail, the kitty in question managed to sneak into a Dutch drugstore, and he knew exactly what he was looking for; the feline made a beeline for the catnip toys. By the time he was discovered by the humans who recorded his trip, he was in such a state of ecstasy that he didn’t even notice their presence. The viral video below shows the kitty going crazy on a pet store shelf stocked with catnip toys. The feline flails around on top of the toys, which he seemingly just can’t get enough of. After he knocks a majority of the catnip containers on the floor, he does get temporarily distracted by a toy hanging up beside the catnip section, but he quickly goes back to rolling around in the irresistible dried herb.

A second video shows what happened after the kitty knocked most of the catnip toys off of the shelf – he simply moved to the floor to continue getting his fix. However, he doesn’t seem quite as energetic after spending so much time tripping so hard.

“Catnip is one hell of a drug,” the video of the “Super Freak” feline above is captioned.

Luckily, the cat didn’t have to rely on his drug-addled brain to tell him how to get home; his owner eventually showed up. The kitty presumably curled up and enjoyed a long catnap after it was forced to part with its beloved catnip; but, hopefully, the owner bought the kitty at least one toy for the road.

Cat Gets In Pet Store Catnip
The pet store invader was seemingly oblivious that he was being watched by amused humans. [Image via SensualCat/YouTube]
According to Scientific American, the catnip plant is a member of the mint family. It contains the organic compound nepetalactone, which is a feline attractant. About eight in 10 cats will react to the oil, which triggers a “sexual response” after it is sniffed.

“The cat essentially reacts to an artificial cat pheromone.”

Behaviors cats exhibit while “high” on catnip are similar to those of a cat in heat. They include drooling, rolling around on the plant, growling, and meowing. However, veterinary behaviorist Dr. Nicholas Dodman told the Huffington Post that a cat’s response to catnip isn’t all about sex. Kitties under the influence display “several natural feline behaviors” that can be linked to getting food, hunting, and mating.

“This implies a general excitatory effect on areas of the brain, particularly those centered in and around the hypothalamus, the region that controls appetitive, predatory and sexual behavior.”

Catnip-Crazed Kitty Breaks Into Pet Store
The cat seemingly started coming down from its high after it knocked most of the catnip toys onto the floor. [Image via kmlkmljkl/YouTube]
Catnip-induced behavior lasts for about ten minutes, then the kitty temporarily comes down from its high. A cat will be immune from catnip’s effects for about half an hour after it stops tripping. Cats don’t develop an addiction to the herb, and it’s considered harmless fun for the felines that are sensitive to it.

Humans aren’t affected by catnip, but they can consume it. It’s acts as a “mild sedative” when it’s brewed as an herbal tea, and survivalist Bear Grylls told the Guardian that he actually brewed up a cup of catnip tea for Barack Obama when the President appeared on his reality series, Running Wild With Bear Grylls.

According to Science Daily, catnip can also be used as an insect repellent; cockroaches and mosquitoes hate the stuff. If you want to keep pests away while ensuring that your pet doesn’t run away in search of a catnip fix, entertain yourself and your feline friend by investing in a few toys full of kitty kush.

[Images via SensualCat/YouTube, kmlkmljkl/YouTube]

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