Gwen Stefani Pregnant? Blake Shelton Spends The Day With Her Sons Amid Rumors

Gwen Stefani may not be pregnant, as In Touch Weekly recently alleged, but she and Blake Shelton are sure looking like one big happy family. On January 17, Hollywood Life reported news of Gwen Stefani’s latest outing with her sons and her boyfriend, which took place at the Arclight movie theater in Los Angeles.

During their trip to the movies, Gwen Stefani had her hands full with her youngest son, Apollo, nearly 3-years-old, but that didn’t stop her and Shelton from putting their love on display, by wrapping their arms around one another as she attempted to juggle her son.

Also worth noting is the fact that two of Gwen Stefani’s sons, Zuma and Apollo, were seen wearing camouflage, which is far more Shelton-esque than their typical rocker duds.

Gwen Stefani and Shelton began dating in November of last year, four months after Shelton’s divorce from Miranda Lambert, and three years after Stefani’s split from Gavin Rossdale. Since then, the couple has been extremely open with their romance, often appearing publicly and not hesitating to show their affection for one another.

As for what’s next for the couple, it may not be a pregnancy, but it could be a live-in situation. Currently, Shelton is based out of Oklahoma, and Gwen Stefani is based out of Los Angeles; but, according to a report, Gwen Stefani is hoping Shelton will soon begin spending much more time on the west coast.

“[Gwen Stefani]’s on a mission to make Blake fall in love with LA,” the source told Hollywood Life weeks ago. “They have this running joke where she’s always trying to prove to him it’s better than Oklahoma. Before he met [Gwen Stefani] he never went anywhere except his house, the studio, and a couple of random restaurants in Hollywood.”

Now, however, Gwen Stefani and her main squeeze are often seen enjoying all that Los Angeles has to offer, including the top restaurants around town.

Since Shelton has been starring on The Voice for many seasons, he’s often in Los Angeles for an extended period of time, but according to the report, he’s not sold on the idea of living there, and prefers his home base in Oklahoma — at least currently.

“[Blake] used to jump on a plane to get the hell out of LA as soon as they finished shooting for the week. But now Gwen’s trying to convince him to make LA home, she’s been taking him out of the city a lot [and] showing him a different side of it.”

“This is where [Gwen Stefani] wants to be so she’s determined to make Blake love it here as much as she does,” the source continued. “As much as it’s a joke it’s also extremely important, it’s the kind of thing that could be a deal breaker if they stay together long term, the way they’re hoping to.”

Last week, In Touch Weekly claimed Gwen Stefani was pregnant, and likely expecting a girl. According to the source, Gwen Stefani’s alleged fourth pregnancy was much different than her first three with sons Kingston, Zuma and Apollo, leading her to believe she and Shelton would be having a girl. However, rumors regarding Gwen Stefani and her reported pregnancy have been swirling since days after they went public with their romance, and so far, there has been no actual proof of any such thing.

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