Jax Taylor’s Hawaii Arrest Goes Down: How Did Things Turn Out For Taylor?

Tonight, on a new episode of Vanderpump Rules, fans are going to see Jax Taylor as everyone heads to Hawaii for his big birthday bash. This all went down over the summer, but it is just now airing on the show. It turns out that while Jax was in Hawaii, he ended up getting arrested for allegedly stealing sunglasses. Fashion & Style shared about how this will all happen on the new episode tonight. Jax has always been a bit of a wild boy, but Jax getting arrested is still pretty surprising.

Lisa Vanderpump will not be happy about Jax’s arrest and the preview shows her even saying she wants to kill him and that he better not show up for work again. If Jax isn’t careful, he could end up losing everything over this big arrest.

Us Magazine actually reported on Jax Taylor’s arrest when it happened last July. Jax allegedly stole a pair of sunglasses and they were so expensive that it was a felony. Jax returned to his hotel after taking the glasses and the glasses were said to be worth about $300.

TMZ shared that Jax Taylor actually spoke out about the arrest and wasn’t shy about it. Jax, of course, doesn’t seem to think that he did anything wrong at all. When asked if it was all just a huge misunderstanding, Jax said with 100 percent certainty that it was a misunderstanding. Jax also shared that he wants to return to Hawaii again because he has become an avid surfer. Kristen Doute was with him at the time and tried to get him to stop talking to the press. Jax did seem to get quiet afterward.

Surveillance camera footage of the alleged theft has been revealed, and Jax Taylor is seen taking the sunglasses from the shop in Hawaii. It shows Jax walking in to the store and looking around at various sunglasses. Jax picks up a pair to look at and then puts them back. He is by himself in the shop. Then, Jax picks up a pair of sunglasses and starts to walk around with them in his hand. Jax eventually walks out of the store with the sunglasses. He checks his hair in the mirror before leaving. Jax has a lot of explaining to do after seeing the video of how it all went down in Hawaii.

After that, Jax Taylor is seen outside of the door talking to police officers. He is then escorted away and taken to jail. There hasn’t been much talk about it since the incident happened, but Jax is currently doing well with his new girlfriend Brittany Cartwright. She is now living with him in California and these two seem to be really serious, as they are even getting a dog together.

It has been teased that viewers will get to see it all go down tonight. Jax Taylor may explain what happened and why he ended up getting arrested. Viewers are really looking forward to updates on his charges and to know if Lisa actually fired Jax because of the arrest. Fans know she has a soft spot for him, and he is probably still working at SUR just like he always has worked there. Jax seemingly got out of jail fairly quickly and returned home with everyone else.

Are you shocked to hear that Jax Taylor was arrested in Hawaii for stealing sunglasses? Do you feel like he meant to take them after watching the footage for yourself? Sound off in the comments below and don’t miss new episodes of Vanderpump Rules on Monday nights on Bravo. Jax Taylor will also be on Watch What Happens Live tonight when the show is over.

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