Lady Gaga Songwriting Questioned After Being Accused Of Hypocrisy For Rape Song

Lady Gaga is the martyr for the anti-rape culture movement. At least, that’s what she has been marketing herself as. She released a very touching song, called “Till It Happens To You,” and advertised it as an anthem for disenfranchised women. It’s all for a very good cause, but there is one main problem: Lady Gaga may have not even written the song, which was nominated for an Oscar.

Linda Perry, who heard the demo, thinks the fact Lady Gaga was nominated was a complete insult. Variety has the news.

“According to the songwriter and producer, Lady Gaga did not contribute enough to the ‘The Hunting Ground’s’ ‘Til it Happens to You’ to merit a nod for best original song. Instead, she said, it was Grammy-winning songwriter Diane Warren, who has a co-writing credit along with Lady Gaga, who penned most of the song.”

Terry Richardson Assault
Lady Gaga has worked on several projects with Terry Richardson, a man who has been accused (but never charged) of sexual assault by many women. [Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images]
Perry claims that Gaga changed only one line in the song. Several people in the comments section slammed Lady Gaga.

“Everyone who thinks with the head knows that Gaga bought the Golden Globe and Oscar Nomination. Probably bought an Oscar too. It just shows how money can buy everything. By the way Gaga should lay off botox,” says Makia.

Perhaps the most eye-catching comment was made by a commenter named John Smith.

“Just a few weeks before Gaga’s story came out, she was getting backlash for teaming up with accused predators R. Kelly and Terry Richardson on ‘Do What U Want.’ The backlash got so bad that Gaga even had to scrap the video for this song. The leaked footage showed her glorifying predators for shock value.”

It was rumored that Lady Gaga herself leaked the video to TMZ, which is what caused part of the uproar. Although many believe Lady Gaga coming forward about being raped herself is brave, this video has also made people question her motives in becoming a spokesperson for the anti-rape movement. In particular, a petition on is calling Lady Gaga out for alleged hypocrisy.

“Lady Gaga has been making the rounds telling everybody she is a victim of rape in order to promote her song ‘Till It Happens To You’ and make herself the martyr for all rape victims. I am not here to decide if she was actually raped or not. But I am here to call her a hypocrite.”

A leaked portion of the video for “Do What You Want” features alleged (but not officially charged) child sexual assaulter and R&B singer R. Kelly playing a doctor “feeling” Lady Gaga up and, in another clip of the video that hasn’t been seen by the public, telling Gaga that she is going to be pregnant when she wakes up.

The video also features Lady Gaga frolicking around naked as Terry Richardson, a photographer accused of sexual abuse (but never officially charged) takes pictures of her. If that’s not bad enough, the person who created the petition claims to have been raped on the set of the video and then fired for speaking out.

There have been plenty of people on Twitter who have called Lady Gaga out for being hypocritical.

Do you think Lady Gaga is being a hypocrite by singing an anti-rape song after allegedly promoting the concept? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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