‘Downton Abbey’ Spoilers: A Wedding, A Familiar Face Returns, And A Budding Romance

It was an amazing episode of Downton Abbey on Sunday night when Mrs. Hughes officially became Mrs. Carson. Yes, it finally happened. The sweet wedding of Charles and Elsie happened, and it couldn’t have been any more perfect.

Of course, there is always drama before any highly anticipated TV wedding, and this one was no exception. While Lady Mary was upstairs planning the absolute perfect wedding at Downton, poor Mrs. Hughes was downstairs fretting about being forced to marry in the place where she didn’t seem fit her and her future husband. The good part was that Cora seemed to more in tune with her longtime servant and brought her upstairs to face the music, so to speak.

According to TV Line, Cora just wanted to hear straight from her, not anyone else, on what she wanted for her own wedding. Mrs. Hughes took the bait and spilled her guts, respectfully of course, to her employers. While everyone else was touched by her dream wedding, Lady Mary wasn’t having it. She confronted the blushing bride on the fact that Mr. Carson deserved to be married at Downton. Mrs. Hughes told her that as long as she was at the wedding, Carson would be happy no matter where it was.

After the couple left the room, Mary asked, “Why did we have to listen to that?” Cora told her daughter that it was because she wanted her to stop bullying Mrs. Hughes. Lady Mary had one more thing to say to her mother before she shot out of the room.

“You think I’m a bully. I think you’re a snob.”

Mrs. Hughes ended up getting her wish, and Lady Mary even apologized to Carson for trying to bully him. She then asked for forgiveness, in which Mrs. Hughes had this to say about that.

“M’Lady, Mr. Carson would forgive you if you hit him with a brick.”

Later on, Cora barked at the poor Mrs. Hughes when she came home to find her servant trying on her coat in her bedroom, with the help of Anna and Mrs. Patmore. Because she had a torrid day and a massive headache, Cora ended up humiliated Mrs. Hughes in the process. Of course, being the kind Crawley that she is, Cora later apologized and gave the bride the coat to wear and to keep. With the coat to go over the plain frock that Mrs. Patmore ordered from the catalog, the beautiful bride was ready to walk down the aisle.

The Carson-Hughes wedding went off without a hitch. With the whole Downton Abbey gang in attendance, they pledged their love forever and were pronounced husband and wife. Even Lady Mary was impressed with the simple yet romantic nuptials.

As the happy couple were just toasting to their long life together, in walks Branson and little Sybil crashing the wedding party. It was quite a pleasant surprise when father-daughter showed up. Branson announced that he was there to stay, saying that it took going to Boston to realize that Downton is his home and that the Crawleys are his family.

Branson returns. (Photo by Rob Kim/Getty Images)
Branson returns. [Photo by Rob Kim/Getty Images]
It also looks like more romance is in the air as Lady Edith may have another suitor, as recapped by the Huffington Post. Bertie saved the day by helping Edith get the new edition of her magazine printed. Viewers are really hoping for a happy ending for this girl.

What do you think of this final season of Downton Abbey so far?

[Photo by Rob Kim/Getty Images]

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