Olivia Caridi Upsets The Girls On ‘The Bachelor’ By Being Too Aggressive

Olivia Caridi may be one of Ben Higgins favorites on The Bachelor 2016, but she is not going to be the favorite of all of the girls on the show. ABC News shared that tonight on the show, Olivia is going to rub some of the girls the wrong way with how aggressive she is being with Ben. Olivia will not let anything stop her from getting Ben Higgins, and she is going to push to make sure she wins him over.

In the clip, Amber talks about how Olivia Caridi will do anything to get her time with Ben and will even interrupt him if he is talking to someone else. The girls are talking about how she pulled Ben aside at the last date to talk to him, and then Olivia got the group date rose. They do not want Olivia to get it once again because she is so aggressive with him. Olivia is then seen saying they have a mutual understanding that they need to have time together.

Olivia Caridi will take Ben Higgins upstairs so that they can have some time alone together. She will do anything to get time with Ben, and here is what Olivia even says about it in the clip.

“I would love more, more, more, more, more time with [Ben] and I’m going to do whatever. Like I don’t want to sit on a couch and sip on my water. I want to talk to Ben. I think it’s just as important to him as it is to me. There’s a mutual understanding that we both need time together.”

At this time, Olivia Caridi is one of 17 women trying to win over Ben Higgins. She has already been accused of joining the show for the wrong reasons and just trying to improve on her career. Olivia quit her job in television as a reporter to join the show, and she could be hoping that this will get her a better job in the same field.

Hollywood Take shared the news that Olivia Caridi might have been an early favorite for Ben Higgins, but it looks like Ben might change his mind soon. He actually gave her the first impression rose and Olivia also got the first group date rose as well. Ben Higgins is going to try to ignore the drama in the house, though.

Here is what Higgins had to say about it.

“Drama in the house is not surprising. Look at the situation you’re walking into: All these women are living in a house, sharing life with each other, dating one person. Jealousy’s gonna arise. It’s not the drama that I really paid attention to, it’s how people diffuse drama, and how they move through situations. That’s what I’m looking for.”

Spoilers are already out about Olivia Caridi, though, and don’t expect her to be the one who wins Ben Higgins’ heart in the end. She is going to confront Ben about the fact that he is kissing so many girls, and it won’t go over well. Ben isn’t kissing near as many as others did, such as Chris Soules. Olivia Caridi will be sticking around a while, though, and it could be long enough that she makes it on Bachelor in Paradise.

Do you feel like Olivia Caridi is being too aggressive with Ben Higgins? Will this end up getting Olivia sent home or will she win the heart of Ben? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts, and don’t miss new episodes of The Bachelor 2016 on Monday nights on ABC.

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